Cinelli MASH Columbus Frame Set

Cinelli Mash ColumbusDUDE!!!

“We are pleased to share a special project we have been working on with Chas Christiansen and the team at Columbus/Cinelli. Enclosed are some details of our first Columbus steel frame set. This unique platform is intended to solve for a broad range of needs with one bike. Chas travels heavily –racing alley cats, working as a messenger, racing cyclocross; so this bike was born from those diverse needs. The geo has a high bottom bracket, and is agressive in nature, but allows for weight to be carried on the front rack while feeling stable. The frame and fork have removable canti brake bosses, so the bike can be ridden as a clean fixed gear, or single speed cyclocross frame set, including internal cable routing for the rear brake.  Both the frame and fork will clear 35c tires for dirt, or a smooth street tire. We kept a raw look, keeping the weld heat markings, adding a clear coat to the steel. This treatment celebrates Columbus, whom we are proud to call family. Garrett Chow drew on the historical Cinelli and Columbus art archive to detail this frame set in a timeless manner. Look for more updates this week on this frame set, as well as the Parallax, and Histogram models.” – MASH

Go to MASH and check out more of this sweet combo. I’m in love!

The Flat Track Coffee Experience

Flat Track3These people!! I’ve seen these fine folks throughout the web, most likely via John, but it didn’t click that they were in Austin, TX. We were skating the streets when Kyle said “I want to go check out that mural”, I saw the Flat Track van and the light turned on.

After a few outside shots we head into a small, well designed, almost hidden coffee shop with a few stools and a bench to sit on.

Little did we know that they were actually closed but this very friendly girl behind the counter was more than happy to serve us some caffeinated beverage. We discussed what we were doing in town as I’m looking all around at the rad Land art that was everywhere, most likely looking like a special needs person, until I received an eye opening amazing cortado.

I drank a lot of coffee while in Texas that was amazing but Flat Track takes the cake. The vibe, friendly people, and way SOLID coffee nails it on all levels.

These few shots are my favorite from the bunch. Go to FOLLY x FILM and check out the rest. Cheers!

Flat TrackFlat Track 2

You See It. You Skate It.

skate ditch 5skate ditch3We were headed to meet up with the rad folks at Kammok when I saw this ditch. It was a no brainer to find a way past the fences and skate it up. It was decollate, dusty, and smelt of human excrement. Solid spot to explore for a bit.

Head over to FOLLY x FILM and check out a few more photos of this scoot x shoot sesh.

Printed Threads // In Full Motion

PTKyle and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Brett Bowden (El Capitan of Printed Threads) to discuss getting some new apparel we’re dropping soon into their new skate shop (that I’m super amped on!) out in Keller, TX called “The General Store”.

Kyle introduced me to Printed Threads several years ago. They’ve been our primary printers from the start. It’s so rad and motivating to see them grown from a few folks to where they are today.

Brett showed Kyle and I around the very expansive work place. They had just knocked down a joining wall to expand several thousand square feet into the rest of the facility they work out of.

Hearing the day to day managing of the never ending flow of work coming into PT was overwhelming and I don’t even work there. Much respect and big high five to the Printed Threads team. Really amped to have them sponsoring FOLLYCROSS 2014 and providing some of the best printed tees for the racers.

These are a few of my favorite shots from Printed Threads work space. Go to FOLLY x FILM and check out the rest.

PT PaintPT7

Explore Your City

imageThe quiet early morning sun lit city is always enjoyable. No one is really awake yet, you have free rain to explore the landscape via bike or board, and you get to experience the transition from peace to hectic city hustle; hopefully over a good coffee with a friend.

imageI hope your week included some of this.

Transit Bicycle Company // Get Rad

Transit bikesThis shop is so rad! From the moment I took one step in the front door I was filled with all things Ride x Create… to include art work from The Bodega Negra.

Kyle and I were politely greeted as we entered Transit Bikes by Thomas. I introduced myself and talked a little bit about FOLLY, expressing that I was really into the Transit shop. Thomas talked to me about some cool stuff going on at the shop and in the area, as well as show me his sick All City machine! He had it decked out with everything it should be decked out with.

I’d say Kyle and I spent a grand total of about 10 minutes in the shop due to time conflicts, so I did my best to capture the shop as quickly as possible… but that doesn’t matter… WHAT matters is, if you’re in the Dallas area and looking for the best bikes/service in town… look no further; Transit Bicycle Co. are your people.

Fact: When I come back to visit the great city of Dallas I will be spending more time at Transit. Fact: They love coffee and the Ride x Create vibe. Fact: You will find the latest and greatest rad gear their. Them the facts.

Go to FOLLY x Film for more photos of the shop. I hope you’ll go check out Transit Bicycle Company for yourself. Cheers!Transit bikes all city2transit bikes4

FaTRoB On The Mountain

22380005Dude!! Rode this sucker on some smooth and haggard mountain bike trails… IT PERFORMED LIKE A DREAM!!

I rode with 40 psi in the tires, starting on road, climbed the Monte Sano mountain (faster than I’ve ever climbed it before fyi) and hit the trails on top. Keeping the same tire pressure I rode impressively fun stuff. When I got to section I thought I should get off and hike… the thought hit me, “Time to test this bikes abilities”, and IT PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS!!! Seriously, handling was so good and smooth on some pretty rough stuff.

With all that being said… this bike kills on all levels. Go to FOLLY x FILM to check more shots of this guy in the woods.