Ride Construction Sites 2

imageimageimageimageIt’s the small 10 mile explore seshes like these that get me amped! No agenda or particular direction in mind. Just go and see what you can see on your two wheeled speed machine.

There has been a lot of construction in my area lately with no construction workers working, which lends the opportunity to go have fun.

This construction area leads to a jogging path I’ve never really checked out. It turns out there is a tone of “get rad” areas off the beaten path. One particular area has a fast downhill right into a huge dirt mound you can huck off of (I did not capture this… I was having to much fun making runs at it)!! 

I hope you goons are having a good Ride x Create vibe filled week! I most definitely am. Cheers!!

Lone Wolf Cycling // Totem Arm Warmers

LWC Totem arm warmersSOLID!

“Continuing the desgin thread of our socks and winter vest, the HEX totem stands as our emblem. Wind resistant, 2-way stretch nylon & lycra blend fabric with fleece lining. Elastic grippers inside the upper cuff prevent slippage. Sizing runs a small, a large gernerally fits a 13″ bicep.” – LWC

Go to Lone Wolf Cycling and check these are.

Review // Giant Bicycles Trance 27.5 3

imageimageimageI referred to the other two Giant Bicycles I’ve review as squishy speed machines. They aren’t even close to the speed and squishiness of the Trance! With 5.5 inches of travel I glided all over the mountain!

To stay fare to the Anthem 27.5 and Anthem X 29, I rode the entry level Trance to get a feel for this monster at the ground level. Pretty effing impressive.

By now you should know I’m a big advocate for the 27.5 wheel set. Best of both worlds they say… and when I pick up a BRAAPPmobile for myself, it will most definitely be one with a 27.5 set up. When you add that with a crap load of suspension… you glide over objects with a lot of speed.


FAST, lots of squish, solid entry level drivetrain.


That’s a lot of squish. This model comes with a front lockout. A rear is needed for sure. It would also be nice to have adjustable suspension (this comes in upgraded models).

I really enjoyed the Trance 27.5 3. It was the most fun bombing down the mountain. When it came to climbing, things got a bit interesting… but the intent for this model is more so for said bombing down the mountain.

If you do more down than up in your mountain thrashery… go with the Trance 27.5 3. If you have a little more funds in your wallet… go with the upgraded models, the better components will serve you well to turn this downhill monster into more of an all around mountain ripper!

Big THANKS to Blevins Bicycle Co. and Giant Bicycles for letting me run around with their fun machines. Couldn’t have asked for a better introduction back into mountain ripping.

If you’re close to Blevins Bicycle Co. or a Giant Bicycles dealer, you can go ride and develop your own opinion of the Anthem 27.5, Anthem X 29, and Trance for yourself. I hope you will. Cheers!