Levi’s x VSCO // #Commuter

imageI’ve had the pleasure of pushing my personal limits using an iPhone and the new VSCO Levi’s preset (LV3) to shoot Chris Rost in all of his BMX radery for the Levi’s x VSCO #commuter collaboration.

Follow along this week as I continue to show how rad BMX and commuting fit together. The sky’s the limit… and I mean that literally. Enjoy!


Cannondale x Death Spray Custom

2014 Tour de France - Cannondale Custom Bikes

Cannondale & DSC have teamed up to create the livery of their 2014 TDF cycles. Each rider has their spirit animal adorned on their TT in a style akin to native American Haida style. Go Green.

Images by Brakethrough”

These are absolutely insane! Ever since my favorite local bicycle shop started carrying Cannondale I’ve been eyeballing all of their go fast machines. This collaboration with Death Spray Custom knocks it out of the park!! Ride x Create in its truest form!!

Go to Death Spray Custom’s blog and check out the rest of the Cannondale’s Team paint jobs. So. SOLID!

State Bicycle Co. // Undefeated 2015

State Undefeated2I’ve loved watching the progression of State Bicycle Co. and their transition into higher quality (still affordable) rides!  The 2015 Undefeated is looking pretty sweet. Can’t wait to see how many races will be won on this speed machine.

Go to State Bicycle Co. and check out all the rad photos of this machine in action. Here are a few of my favorite.

State Undefeated 3State Undefeated 2015 State Undefeated 1

Mr. Drew Potter

photoLet me introduce Mr. Drew Potter. This fella may not mean a hill of beans to you fine folks but let me explain why he’s on this fine site of ours.

I’ve known Drew for 16 years and he’s been pushing limits from day one. He’s rode for Creature Skateboards, currently living in Chris Senn’s old house, been featured in Thrasher Magazine, ridden all up and down the California cost via bicicleta (surfboard/camp gear in tow) and officially sat on my face from a rock climbing incident (I saved this man’s life…most likely. I caught him after falling about 12 feet to be impaled by some gnarly rocks).

He’s one hell of a good fella, currently working in San Francisco making sure the Earth continues to grow in a healthy manner. When I think of the Ride x Create vibe I always come back to his story and all the things he’s accomplished.

It’s always good to show appreciation for people that inspire you. I hope you get pumped on this fine weekend. Go out and explore. Don’t worry about things that limit you. You are in control of your limitations. Accept failure, learn from it, and push on to make rad things happen.

Stay positive, Ride x Create

State Bicycle Co. Team Rider Hern Montenegro x 2015 Undefeated

State Bicycle Co. – Undefeated 2015 from State Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.

I love how progressive State Bicycle Co. is. This promo vid really nails the love of being powered by one fixed gear speed machine. Gets me pumped. I hope we’re on the same same level.

Go to State Bicycle Co. and check out the 2015 Undefeated. Enjoy

Ride x Create

DZR Minna Review

imageSo… these are pretty great! They are my first pair of clippable sneakers and I’m in love! Super comfortable and clip in seamlessly giving you solid control and power transfer without walking around click clacking stiff footed.

Although these are my first clippable sneakers and I have nothing to reference that these are better or worse than other options… I’ve gotta hand it to DZR; they are stiff in all the right places and soft where you want them to be for kicking around town after you ride to your destination.

The DZR Minna’s have a perfectly placed shoe lace retention elastic strap that has proven to be very useful. When I first saw this feature I figured I’d never use it and it’s probably super tight not easily allowing you to stuff your laces into the shoe, thus keeping the lace out of your crank… but I was wrong; very useful and very easy to use.

When I first got these in I easily unscrewed the cleat cover and screwed in Crankbrothers cleats, hopped on my steed, and went to pedaling. At first it’s a weird feeling being so comfortable and clipped in.

Go to DZR and check out the specifics on the Minna’s. If you are in the market for a clippable sneaker, you just found it. If the Minna’s aren’t the style your prefer, no need to worry… DZR has several other options that may fit you better. Cheers!

My First Ride Back

imageBAM! back in the saddle!

So much has happened the last 6 weeks! I have no clue where the time has gone but pumped on the outcome. My time has been sparse as of late and the blog has suffered posts because of it, but no need to fear… great things are in the works that nail it on all levels! 

About a week ago I took my first ride after getting hit by a car. When I don’t ride, my creativity takes a tole… fact. It was interesting to see how I would react in life without riding and all I kept thinking was “this is weird”. I started running more (“this is weird”) and diving deep into projects referenced above.

Some say it might have been perfect timing. The FOLLY x BRYANT FaTRoB came to completion and currently up for pre-order. This also means that the Surly CrossxCheck I’ve ridden all over the land that was smashed by person not paying attention will be replaced with an amazing American made, hand build #getradmachine (Editor’s Note: Seriously guys… I’m halfway done building my personal FOLLY x BRYANT FaTRoB up. This thing is killer)!!

With superb amount of energy and only my junkyard fixed gear build available… I took off!!  My plan was to ride down to a river I’ve rode to many times before, crack open a beer, and watch the sun set. I wanted to see how my should would react riding a small 18 miles. The route I took was the same, but I had my eyes geared to finding something I’ve never noticed before, ride/hike it… and that I did. I found this beautiful spot on a railed road overpass that has one HELL of a stunning view of the valley.

imageI hope you guys have had a killer summer so far. Really looking forward to the cross season and thrashing with my FaTRoB. Fun times will be had for sure.


Dick Lane Velodrome Bro!

GH4 Velodrome from James Bridges on Vimeo.

Many moons ago when I had the pleasure of visiting Loose Nuts Cycles I also got to chill at Dick Lane Velodrome, hang with Jon Woodroof (@twotoneams), Zach Lutz (@cogzillaattacks), and Mae Elizabeth (@MaeElizabethG)! Such a rad weekend. This video brings back all the good memories that weekend. Good times!