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Europe Fixed Gear Scene

TRAFIK does a phenomenal job promoting fixed gear riders around the world. “We were stoked when To Live & Ride in L.A. premiered in London and Preston earlier this year. Now that it’s on UK iTunes, we hope the entire Kingdom will watch it (we’re talking to you Scotland!)” – TRAFIK.  Spreading bike love around the world.

[vimeo w=610&h=343]

Newcastle Fixed Gear Trailer from Mr. T on Vimeo.

Winter Training

I’m brand new at competitive cycling.  I’m going to compete in the spring in some event somewhere.  That’s about all the thought I’ve put into it so far.  Right now I’m riding my 18lbs Surly CrossxCheck as much as I can between two jobs.  Commuting/Rollers are my best friends.  The cold does not bother me so much as the wet Alabama winters.  Luckily I have guys like @BlevsBicycleCo., @TimoStark and @MattWinstead (follow these guys on Twitter) to give me pointers and provide some awesome gear.  I can’t forget other sweet sites like,,, Trafik L.A. and to build inspiration and motivation.

Not the best photo.  I’ll provide better ones later.

Beyond This Place

“Now a new father, Kaleo challenges his long-estranged, hardcore-hippie dad, Cloud Rock, to a gruelling 500-mile bike tour. On the road, they struggle to reconcile their vastly different outlooks and fathom the complicated love they share.”

Very cool documentary with “original music composed and performed by Sufjan Stevens and Ray Raposa Winner of the Golden Horn for Best Documentary at the 50th Krakow Film Festival.”


Morvelo – Ride Everything

Here is a cool video that will get you pumped before a brisk winter ride.  Morvelo is a fun company that focuses on riding more than wining.  I like that.  Too many people just focus on training, winning, training, winning, training, etc.  It takes the fun out of it.  What Morvelo stands for:

“We stand for a love of bicycles
All bicycles
MTB, Road, Track, Cyclocross, BMX, Commuter, Hack
It’s all about the ride.
So this is Morvélo.
Clothing inspired by bicycles, the culture and the simple joy that it brings.” – Morvelo

I love cyclocross bikes.  Time to put some Fatties on my Surly!!


Kyle Steed

As I’m researching some cool companies, I come across  Very rad mix of the outdoor life combined with cycling, skating, and surfing!  I’m looking through their blog, low and behold, @kylesteed  (my best friend of about 17 years) pops up with one of his amazing Instagram shots.  I’m immediately stoked!  Kyle and his art has inspired me as well as thousands around the world.  You can find Kyle on Instagram under kylesteed or check out his web page HERE.