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Chris Cole

It never ceases to amaze me how down to earth skaters are.  Everyone has had there run in with the local jackass skater;  but the level of solid, mellow, truth and creativity that comes out of people that ride is typically good stuff.  I’ve never seen an interview with Chris before this one.  I’m very impressed!  He hit up some big time truth.  Check it!!

[vimeo 28884250 w=610 h=343]

A walk and talk with Chris Cole from Bitchslap Media on Vimeo.

Tom La Marche

Didn’t post up anything yesterday.  I really wanted people to get a good look at the James Hardy interview.  That dude is sick!  I’ve been cruisin through Prolly‘s stuff (I pretty much do daily, dude is legit) and came across this.  Music by Youth Lagoon (if you haven’t checked them out you should) and solid FGFS… you can’t lose! [vimeo 31240644 w=610 h=343]

Tom La Marche from Skitch on Vimeo.

James Hardy Interview

James Hardy has been skating for over a decade.  He is a part of Eswic, a new skate apparel company created by Jimmy Arrighi!  James was kind enough to let us pick his brain a little bit.  He is a very down to earth guy that loves what he does.  James and the Eswic Team are on their first road trip which just so happened to be in Las Vegas.  Sweet location and I’m sure some awesome footage/photo’s will come of it!  Make sure to follow James Hardy on Twitter as well as Eswic for upcoming events, trips, and further shenanigans!

The Interview

F:  Tell us a little bit about yourself

James:  I’m 23 years old and I grew up in Huntsville, AL. I picked up skating when I was 12 because I saw some kid doing it while I was playing baseball. On the outside looking in, it seemed as if he never had to answer to coaches, rules, or restrictions. He had all the freedom in the world and I wanted it. That’s pretty much what I’ve been up to ever since.

F:  How did you get connected with Eswic?

James:  I got connected with Eswic because the dude who started it used to be my team manager when I rode for RVCA clothing.  He quit and told me he was going to start something new and I was down without a question because we’re such good friends.  And he’s pretty much the only reason I rode for RVCA in the first place.

[vimeo w=610&h=450]

Eswic team intro video montage from ESWIC on Vimeo.

F:  What is your favorite product from Poler?

James:  My favorite is the nap sack that they make. It’s a sleeping bag that you can wear like a hoodie. It’s quite universal. I love it.

F:  Who was your biggest influence growing up?

James:  My mom is and has been the biggest influence on me. She has been through a lot and has always made the most of situations. Subconsciously, everything I do is just to try and make her happy and proud.

F:  What motivates you?

James:  The fact that I get paid to basically do nothing motivates me. Skateboarding as a job is a joke. We don’t save lives, or help the down and out, or solve world hunger. we don’t do anything worth bragging about. But somehow it works, and I don’t want to blow it.

Big thanks to James and the entire Eswic team for bringing awesome apparel and skating to viewers across the globe!!  Cheers!

(photo and video provided by Eswic)

LDG at Woodward

This is the connection I’m talking about!!  FGFS, skating, Woodward…. BAM!!

“Made our way to woodward west first week of january. riding from Jakob Santos, Jason Clary and Jesse Santos.

My brother tried the back flip around 25 30 times and was just whooped but he did land to wheels and ill give him that. flips from both him and i will be sen very soon.” – Jakob Santos

[vimeo w=610&h=343]

LDG VISITS WOODWARD from jakob santos on Vimeo.