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Got to NYC today and took a few photo’s.  It’s been raining a good bit so no riding.  I’m bikeless but I did bring my Caballero cruiser.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a little dryer.  The posts this week will probably be sluggish due to the fact my internet access will be limited.  Keep an eye out on Instagram and Twitter for what’s happening !  Looking forward to good food, beers, and making a few new friends!  Cheers!!

“Classic Division”

“Classics Division #stereoskateboards Guest Artist sign painter Colt Bowden” – Stereo via Instagram

I really love these decks!  I also really dig Colt Bowden’s style and design!  I highly recommend checking out Colt’s other work!!  Stereo definitely knows what’s up when it comes to choosing a guest Artist!  Ride x Create!

Rapha Lightweight Jersey

“Breathable merino-rich jersey for hot conditions

The Rapha Lightweight Jersey has been designed for the hardest, hottest and most demanding rides. On the big day, this is the jersey to reach for. The jersey is made from a newly improved lightweight merino-blend fabric that is extremely breathable and soft on the skin.” – Rapha

I really like this design, and summer is pretty close to being full blow hottness.  This lightweight jersey would be perfect for those “oh my god, I’m about to die, I believe I’m fainting from heatstroke” kind of days.  Check’em out!


Cameron Gardner

These are only a few of the great photos from Cameron Gardner!  I really dig his style and what he promotes through his photography!  This dude oozes the Ride x Create Vibe! 

“I enjoy being outside. I don’t like watching TV. I like the feeling of clothing straight out of a dryer. I prefer apples to oranges. I’d rather go barefoot. I want to be a conqueror of the useless. I prefer ASA to ISO. I still look for shapes and animals in the clouds. I take a liking to people.

I capture all of this with my camera.” – Cameron

Make sure to check out his sweet Tumblr page as well!!

TRAFIK x The 5th Floor

TRAFIK‘s Jesus Lizama brought this sweet photo/poster to my attention.  Jesus and The 5th Floor‘s Rudy Melo blast’n the hills of LA!  Now… if only they had a Folly Pocket Tee on, then they’d have a nice cold adult beverage waiting for them at the bottom.  Make sure to go check out Pedal Consumption for more photos of this ride!  Cheers!!

Sacramento to Chico

[vimeo w=610&h=343]

Cardiel x Chrome: Sacramento to Chico from Chrome Industries on Vimeo.

“On a summer day, Chrome Familia member John Cardiel and a couple of friends rode from his home in Sacramento 100 miles north to the Chrome Bag factory in Chico, CA. The intent was to see his new Fortnight travel bag being made. It just so happened that the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is two blocks away from the Chrome bags factory. Here is what ensued.” – Chrome

After a 100 mile ride, I believe a detour straight to some great beer is completely acceptable!  I really dig this design and idea!  The Ride x Create Vibe flows deep with this project!  I’m looking forward to checking out this trifecta of excellence next week at Chrome NYC HQ!  Cheers!!