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Beautiful photo’s from FixTheCity.   

“Sebastian Ordinas does a great job curating a visual bike experience that truly hold a special balance of enegy, beauty, and essence of cycling.” – DKlein

Folly Excursion

Had a busy and productive weekend!  Got together with Tyler Brown to shoot some sweet photo’s of Chase Freeman (Folly Skate Team Rider) doing what he does best!  Chase hit this rail clean and consistent probably about 50 times!  Tyler was telling me how hard it is to capture the flash from an iPhone (or any point x shoot)… I took it as a challenge.  Got this one first try, pure luck. 

Obviously a well deserved beer break had to be had!  Not so much for Chase, but definitely for Tyler and myself!

This is my not so successful attempt at lighting the spot.  Although this little generator was made in the 70’s and had yet to be used… it started right up, and lasted about 30 minutes until it spilt gas everywhere.  Cheers little generator, your 30 minutes of fame was well used!  May you rest in peace.  

All in all, it was a really good session with Chase.  Tyler took solid photos and educated everyone with some photo science that blew my mind (cheers to that sir).  I will have the photos posted up later this week, with a little Folly site revamp.  Till then, make sure to follow Chase on Instagram (@chasefreeryder) / Twitter (@CHASEingPaper) and Tyler Brown via Instagram/Twitter (@cre8ive_light).  Ride x Create my friends!!

Chrome Welcomes Massan

Chrome Industries is proud to announce the addition of Massan to the Chrome Familia. Hailing from Oakland, raised in San Francisco and now a finding himself at a new dwelling in the concrete playground of New York City, Massan has been a terror on the streets with his track bike for over ten years. He attacks the urban terrain like a cheetah stalking his prey with fluid precision and the control of a marksman. There’s not much else you can say about his style other than jaw dropping and his video parts online prove it. Not one to be satisfied by a single passion, Massan’s prowess extends beyond the bike where you can find his second talent as a skilled photographer. On and off the bike, Massan creates.

Be on the look out this weekend as Massan makes his first appearance as a Chrome Familia member at Red Bull Ride & Style contest in San Francisco, CA, where he will compete in the track portion of the contest. If you roll to the contest, it’s worth wathcing the crowds’ jaws drop as he rolls by like a flash of reckless abandonment.” – Chrome

Here are a couple sweet previews of how Massan rolls with “a flash of reckless abandonment” (dope description). Massan is definitely full of the Ride x Create Vibe!!





So Sick!!  Definitely keep an eye out for Massan tonight and the rest of the weekend in San Francisco rollin in the Red Bull Ride & Style contest!!  Ride hard, Ride fast, Ride x Create!!

Chari & Co 2012 Kit


I was crusin through Locked Cog and saw the slick 2012 kit from Chari & Co.  I had the chance to visit Chari & Co. while I was in NYC.  Super nice shop.  It was outfitted with everything you would want if you were to build a shop!  They thought of everything, from renting sweet fixed gears to having a full line of Outlier… they have it all.  Not to mention their sweet custom Chrome Yalta!  

Although I did not spend as much time as I wanted in the shop (it would have been seen as creepy) I did get to experience the Chari & Co. vibe, which is very low key and legit! With all this being said… definitely check out their sweet 2012 kit’s!  Ride fast, Ride hard, Ride x Create!!

Signal Cross

Beautiful creation from Signal Cycles.  Make sure to go check out Signal Cycles for info and photos of their sweet creations!!

“Shinya has the first bike we sent to Japan. It’s a replica of our team CX bike with an Edge fork and custom painted Edge stem. He built it up with Campy components and a Chris King hubset using special mechanic magic. – Signal Cycles

The 5th Floor Store

“So the wait is almost over.” – The 5th Floor via Twitter (@The5thFloor) 

By “almost over” they mean this Friday!! Can’t wait to see what is waiting behind that digital curtain!! Ride fast, Ride hard, Ride x Create!!