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Chrome PDX

All you lucky Portland residents get your own sweet Chrome HUB!  

“Grand opening party June 7th. 425 SW 10th. Portland, Or 97205.  503.719.4693” – Chrome

 Bam!  Go check it out!!

Ergon Gear Review | HE2 x GA1-S

If you don’t know by now, now you know… TRAFIK has been sponsored by Ergon!  Pretty sick on several levels.  We here at Folly dig the collaboration, and are excited to see where this beautiful merger of urban cycling and ergonomically correct gear travel.  TRAFIK was gracious enough to throw some of Ergon’s sweet gear our way to test and review… and that we have.  I personally have spent the last week using the grips on my Azuki fixed gear, and the bomb ass/smooth HE2 on my road and fixed.  Below are some photo’s of the fresh Ergon products.  Enjoy!

The HE2’s are smooth!  They have a super clean look that will demand peoples attention when you crush the streets.  They are kind of like the tuxedo of gloves.  Very well put together with minimal strategically placed padding that wont deter from the natural feel of your grips.  They have ergonomically correct padding that will keep your fingers from going numb after hours of riding/thrashing.

The interior lining starts off with a nice mesh that collects all the sweat dropping from your arms.  This keeps your hand dry as you ride and prevents moister build up as well as that “stanky” glove stench.  Although the gloves are full finger… and its getting freaking hot out, they have nice vents between the fingers that will let your hands cool off when you’re averaging 23mph (Jesus Lizama style)!!

I really like the details Ergon put into this glove.  I call this feature “the sticky finger”.  They grip to your shifter (for you geared folks) very well and make you feel like one with the shift.

The GA1’s in Small are perfect to dominate the streets!  They come in size Small and Large.  I personally dig the Small’s, they fit my grip well.  To catch some of the sweet details of the GA1’s click HERE.  Although the grips were originally designed for ripping the mountain, they are sick to ride on my fixed gear.  My “Taxi” was built up from odd and end parts, with no intention of being a “high class” fixed gear ride.  These Ergon Grips definitely bring the class of le Taxi up a couple notches.  I’ve enjoyed riding with just the bar for a while now, so it’s a huge upgrade.  As I’m sure you can guess, the design of the GA1’s fit your palm ergonomically correct.  I feel solid as I cruise from spot to spot!  These grips paired with the HE2’s is a win win, and that’s the point of Ergon; to feel comfortable and secure to yo whip!

I highly recommend Ergon to anyone that wants to go the distance, thrash, or dominate a crit in style and comfort.  Big thanks to Ergon for making some sweet products as well as TRAFIK for giving us the ability to test them out!  Keep a close eye on TRAFIK’s crew this summer as they dominate using Ergon gear!

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Mishka x Nuzzi


Nuzzi killin it, Mishka style!!  Check this video out for a more personal look at Mr. Nuzzi as well as the dope Miska gear he’s rocking!! Ride x Create my friends!