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DKlein Wisdom

Dustin Klein is a big inspiration to me.  This short statement (via instagram @dkleincadence) from Dustin shows his passion and commitment to spreading his creative vibe.  There are plenty of times when I meet with KSteed and express what I want to do, but don’t know how to get there.  “Don’t wait for anyone”; don’t wait to be told how to spread your creative vibe to the world.  Identify the road blocks… then precede to crush them with knowledge and passion.  Kyle and I have different roles here at Folly but our passion and commitment are most definitely the same. Fight that urge to do nothing with your creativity Folly friends.  Let if flow freely and make something the world has never seen.  Ride x Create

Deaf Pigeon Jersey

One of the best designed jersey’s I’ve seen in a while!!  Great job Mr. Perkins!!  These are amazing!!

“The pre-order for these Jerseys will be up on new site by the weekend (that’s right, a new Deaf Pigeon website!) They’ll cost about £50 and i can get you one in any size you wish. Just make sure that you order the correct size when placing your pre-order. So keep checking our facebook/twitter/blog for updates when they’re available!” – Deaf Pigeon

Get Chill


Monday chill vibes are greatly welcomed


[vimeo w=610&h=343]

Waiting for the olympic road race from Erik Jonsson on Vimeo.

I love edits like this. Erik describes this vid as a “scrambled edit”, but I see nothing scrambled about it.  I love the chill vibe and the beauty he has found during the wait for Olympic cyclists to pass on by with epic speed and grace.  Well done Erik.  Your creative style along with The 5th Floor is impressive and inspiring!  Ride x Create

Coke Tall Boy Folly Style

Thanks to good ol’ Anit-Hero and Terrible One, we here at Folly can enjoy a “Coke” tall boy in most any environment.  “Does Coke make a tall boy”… Sure they do! “Are you drinking beer around children”… NO, that would be irresponsible.  “Where can I buy some Coke tall boys”… They have a limited NASCAR coke tall boy series at Wal-Mart.  Check out the finished product below.


This is amazing!  The Ride x Create vibe flows deep with Mr. Ortiz and the sick establishment he has built.  If you are in the NYC area, definitely check out DWH!  I promise you wont be disappointed.  I had the pleasure to do a quick impromptu video interview with Dave several months ago to get a better look inside what DWH is all about. To no surprise,  Dave simultaneously spread the love and truth about today’s skateboard company vibe.  Although, there is definitely nothing wrong with throwing in some unique high doller style into the wardrobe; just make sure you can’t get the same style for way less over at Dave’s Wear House!

Dave’s Wear House (DWH) is a retail brand based on the well known merchant Dave Ortiz and his industry colleagues.   DWH currently operates 1x store in Manhattan located in Chinatown at 123 Baxter Street.  The store features top name brand sneakers, clothing, bags, skateboards and BMX accessories.  In addition to the wear-house themed shopping experience, the space has a separate built out space with a large window for specialty brands to feature their products in a in-store pop-up shop.

DWH offers an eclectic mix of products not often sold together but that complete the needs and desires of the urban action athlete.  This includes pro model skateboards, performance footwear, single speed and BMX bikes, bags eyewear, accessories and more.

The most popular merchandise at DWH is the brand Another Dave’s Design (ADD+).    ADD+ is inspired by the large number of creative individuals that design and create for and with Dave.  ADD+ manufactures its own clothing and develops collaborative products with leading brands.” – DWH

Make sure to check out Dave’s Wear House on FB as well as sign up for their mailing list to keep up with the dope happenings over at the shop!  Ride x Create my friends.


FTC will be representing at AGENDA come Aug. 1-2.  Make sure to go check them out as well as all the other amazing company’s that will be attending.

“FTC is returning to Agenda to showcase their Spring & Summer 2013 full collection of apparel, cut & sew, pants, headwear, accessories, and skateboard hard goods.

The global brand is a monument in skate culture legacy and street lifestyle. Since 1986 FTC has maintained their influential role as purveyors of heavy value to our community worldwide.” – AGENDA

Chari & Co USA 6 Panel

Sick!  Just in time for the Olympics.  Make sure to pick up one of these custom cycling caps over at Chari & Co.






SIZE 57-59 CM