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Sitka x Pete Devries



We don’t post surfing very often, but when we do, it’s because the Ride x Create vibe flow deep with the content.  Sitka rider Pete Devries very much houses the Ride x Create vibe!!  Cheers to you Sitka and Mr. Devries! You compliment each other very well.

Mr. Brenton Little

I had the pleasure of spending a week with Brenton and his family.  He’s a very positive and creative dude that takes pleasure in the simple things.  He participated/witnessed Kyle and I acting like buffoons via jet ski rentals which equaled me getting jettisoned at about 45 mph into the bay… several rounds of brewskies and a couple pounds of fresh boild shimp (provided by KSteezy) later; all was good and a solid friendship was created.

With all of that said; the purpose of bringing Mr. Little to your attention is to announce his sweet interview over at Instagram Talk.  Among other things, Brenton is an amazing photographer and has found the simple pleasure of using his iPhone to showcase his creative perspective.  I hope you take the time at the end of your busy week to kick back, throw on some chill music, enjoy a quality bourbon and check out Brenton’s interview.

Cheers Folly friends.  I hope all of your weekends are filled with Ride x Create Vibes.

Fairdale x Hawaii

[vimeo w=610&h=343]

Ryan Worcester from Fairdale Bikes on Vimeo.

Wow! Super jealous of this entire senario.  Great filming, amazing landscape, wonderful day of exploring… but above all, sick ride!  This video really shows the versatility of the Fairdale Weekender.  Ride x Create Folly friends .  *Cheers*

P.S. Found this over at Prolly Is Not Probably

State Bicycle Co. Sale

Hellz yeah!  If you’re in the area you should totally check out State Bicycle’s sale!  You can pick up a dope bike for an even more affordable price!  Oh yeah, and check out the sweet promo vid below!  Great work State Bicycle Co.  You guys are taking it to the next level.  Cheers 

[vimeo w=610&h=343]

This is State Bicycle Co. from State Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.