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PUMP Kit Review

BOOYA!!  So pumped and sad all at the same time.  Mr. Jesse Carmody was kind enough to add this rad medium kit in with the PUMP 100% cold-brewed coffee he is supporting the Lucky Cat IV alleycat with.  The sad part is, ENDO Customs cut their kits tight.  I tried on the jersey and gave it a few minutes wearing it around; apparently my neck and back are too thick x wide.  So, sadly, I will be sending this back to JCarmody; but not till I captured some photos for your visual pleasure. 

Ultimately I would have liked to take a few shots of this being warn, but I’ll take what I can get.  I really dig the clean and simple design of the jersey.  For those of us that rock kits, we know that some designs can go nuts.   

The mondo PUMP logo shown as being nicely tucked away in the middle pocket is perfect! It adds that little extra something the dude you crush on the road/trails will remember.

CA is so appropriately placed on the sleeve, as every ounce of the PUMP vibe as well as ENDO, are home grown in California.

The bib-shorts are super high quality!  I wear a Hincapie kit normally (trying to get into something more gnarly, so bummed this is going back) and the ENDO’s chamois blows theirs out of the water. 

I’m very impressed with ENDO Customs.  I’ve seen a good bit of solid company’s use them, and rightfully so… they are top notch.  One thing to keep in mind if you pick up an ENDO kit, they do run a bit tight.  To compare, my Hincapie kit is a medium and it’s getting a bit baggy (woo to losing a few pounds).  The ENDO medium kit is a bit uncomfortably snug.  So, when you buy one of these, if you have the opportunity, try it on or preplan and pick up a size bigger.

If you’re asking why I don’t just exchange the medium for a large, the answer is, Mr. Carmody has sold out of the large.  What I personally would like to see happen is someone locally here in BAMA pick up the kit, so I could atleast live vicariously/jealously through them.  If you are in the market for a super custom kit and wear a slim fitting medium, let me know (   

I hope all of your Halloween’s are mondo with epic amounts of candy eatin x miles dominated.  Ride x Create

Creativity to Fruition

This last week I’ve had a good bit of think tank time.  Most people have filled their day with odd x end tasks, whether they be by choice or forced upon them; and neglect their inspiration, creativity, a hill side beer on a beautiful Fall afternoon, etc.  I challenge you fine folks to break free of the norm this week and get some solid think tank time in.  My hope is that your mind may clear, for that inspirational spark to take hold, and bring beautiful creativity to fruition.  Cheers, Ride x Create

Warm Up With Fairdale

It’s getting a bit colder out. Not to worry, go grab up a Fairdale Skaterack to throw on your trusty steed and warm up as your ride to your local skate spots!  WHAT’S THAT… you don’t have a cargo rack to attach your newly purchased Skaterack?!? Don’t you worry… Fairdale has you covered from all angles.  Stay warm, support Fairdale, Ride x Create.

SteedZ x BLittle

Feeling a little special this morning after seeing Kyle’s (@kylesteed) x Brenton’s (@brenton_clarke) IG feeds.

Photo by Kyle Steed

Photo by Brenton Little

Great photo’s fellas!  Tis the season for some camp vibes x adventure seeking.  Although it is only Wen., maybe start thinking of what creative x adventurous journey you can go on this weekend.  I know I am.


DZR Jetlag Nero

“Introducting the new Jetlag Nero.  All Black slip-on SPD sneakers for the lazy man in all of us.  Available next Monday” – DZR

Easily my favorite DZR to date!  I’m assuming they are referencing Monday 10/29/12.  Keep a close eye on DZR for these suckers to drop for your purchasing pleasure!  Great work DZR!