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Geekhouse x R.E.Load Greatness

LOL, serious.  This is to amazing not to quote entirely!  Mondo promo x wording x idea x marketing!!

“Here ye, here ye! I doth decree the pre-sale of the 2012 Geekhouse ‘Razzle Dazzle’ Cyclocross kit in all of it’s neon glory! We are only going to be offering this kits this ONE time, never again, like ever, like not even if you paid me a ton of Powerball winning money! This is your one an only time to purchase this limited edition, never to be made again, eye searing hipster magic kit. So better get razzlin dazzlin over to the Geekhouse CX Big Cartel store to see all the fixins (geekhouse is not responsible to any tingling of the eyes or extremities caused by viewing this link). Oh, did I mention THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY, and it expires December 15th at high Noon! But wait there’s more, purchase a Geekhouse jersey now, and you also win the opportunity to purchase a Cuppow and matching Freaker as well. Oh the humanity!” – Marty

Taken from Geekhouse (Marty Walsh) IG @geekhousebikes

What’s that!  R.E.Load Bags hooked Geekhouse up with a matching Roll-Top!  So rad!!  Talk about a winning combo!

Great work/design/promo all around Geekhouse x R.E.Load!  Two great American Companies doing what American Companies should be doing… making rad products for our American asses!

**MAKE SURE to pre-order your dope Geekhouse “Razzle Dazzle” CX Kit by the end of DECEMBER 15TH!!!!!

Small Business Saturday

Hey Folly Friends!!  It’s Small Business Saturday, and we want to show our appreciation to you, the homie, with a continued sale until Tuesday the 27th.  Use Promo Code: SMLBSNS to receive 20% off your order (FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED).  I hope you’re having a great weekend filled with Ride x Create vibes.

OH, make sure to #RidexCreate on your Instagram so we (IG @createfolly) can check out what riding x creative ventures you partake in.  Cheers!!

“NUMB” by Cadence

As to be expected from Cadence, the new collection is amazing!  Some revamping of the old and introduction of the new, style x function are not lacking.  Personal favorite from the new collection, Fusion 5 panel cycling cap.  Make sure to have your pocket books handy, and head on over to support one of the raddest American made companies in our great Nation.  Ride x Create x Support Made In USA!



These were dropped last night on Golden Saddle Cyclery; honestly, I’m kinda surprised to wake up this morning to find they are still available.  Make sure to grab yours before they are lost and gone forever.



BOOYA!!  We are making it ever so easy for you to rock a Folly Fun Deck/Sticker Pack completely saturated in Ride x Create vibes on the low low!!

Use Promo Code: BLKFRDY to get 20% off your entire order on Friday 23rd!  The sale will go from Midnight to Midnight, so don’t be shy.  Drink you a bourbon… or two, and grab you up some dope gear!  Cheers!  I hope you fine Folly folks have a great holiday.

OH, friendly reminder… on top of the 20% off for BLKFRDY, we also have a standard of free shipping “The More You Know”