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FOLLY // Steedtucky Shenanigans


Photo by Amanda Steed
“We’re not players, we just pose a lot” – Kyle

So, as I’m sure you’ve seen on Kyle and I’s IG (@kylesteed / @createfolly), we spent the weekend in Louisville, Kentucky; having a BLAST with the Over crew (IG @over). 

Kyle, official new member (titled  Creative Director) of Over, and his very rad wife Amanda (IG @amandasteed) were invited by Over to spend the week in Louisville… since I am only 4 hours from there, it was an easy choice to pop in and get rad with these creative folks; and rad we got.

To avoid the risk of putting you to sleep and posting the bazillion photos we all took; I recommend you check out our Instagram posts (as well as @aaronmarshall x @_jeffreyjackson, Founders of Over) .  They will tell the story of landmark creating, outdoor ping pong played, bourbon drank, guns shot, fires lit, chalk drawn, street fights won x lost, new friendships created and old friendships built stronger.

I hope your weekends were equally, if not more so, as epic as Kyle and I’s.  Cheers to thinking consistent x progressive; unlimited high fives to spreading the Ride x Create vibe!

Mission Workshop // Ask A Founder

“We made a one beer long cut of the 2 hour session.” – Evan Dudley

Beer cut // best cut

[vimeo w=610&h=343]

Ask a Founder // Scot Nicol of Ibis Cycles Presented by Bike Magazine from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

Although mountain biking is a bit outside the FOLLY feel; it’s never a bad idea to learn from the founder of a rad company like Ibis. Plus… Mission Workshop is great. Never not backing them. Can’t wait to follow along with the next “Ask A Founder”; you should to.  

Two photos:

Ibis Founder Talk

Photo by Dan Barham

Ibis Founder Talk x Beer

Photo by Dan Barham

Stay Rad

Learn x Never Quit


ARTO SAARI // All Around Bad Ass

Arto Saari Self Portrait

Photo by Arto Saari

Thanks to Ed Templeton via Twitter (@TempletonEd), I was made aware of this great interview with Arto Saari on the Leica Camera Blog.

I’ve always been a big fan of Arto and his chill melancholy’esk demeanor. His style is something that resonates with me personally. 

This oozes the Ride x Create vibe!

[vimeo 45228455 w=610 h=345]

ARTO/CARDIEL PHOTOS from Six Stair on Vimeo.

Becuase you will want to see more of Arto’s work; feel free to do so.