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US PRO // Photos by Davis Yarbrough

Mondo Photos by Davis Yarbrough:

US Pro 2013 // Chattanooga, Tennessee


Photo by Davis Yarbrough



Photo by Davis Yarbrough

Towards the end of the race, beers were handed freely to any pro that would except such gift.  It was reminiscent of a ball park with sideline viewers yelling “Ice cold refreshing beer, get your beer here” as they offered them up. 

Get Yer Beer

Photo by Brittney Carnell (IG @brittneycarnell)

And away they rode. Fast, very fast!


Photo by Davis Yarbrough

Mr. Yarbrough was kind enough to waste a shot capturing me as I watched the fast peddlers pedal onward and upward.

Fancy Shot

Photo by Davis Yarbrough

And there you have it!  Great shots in 35mm from Davis (IG @dave_us).  I hope you enjoyed. 

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“Instagram Is” with Kyle x Brenton

[vimeo 66938184 w=610 h=343]

Instagram Is from technopaul productions on Vimeo.

“Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” – Arthur Brisbane (1911)

I love that Kyle and Brenton are featured in this!

I’m sure some folk may watch this and think… “silly hipsters”; but lets look at a couple fun facts.  FOLLY started from Kyle and I’s love of riding and creating with the understanding that folks that ride tend to also create.  Some hesitate due to fear of failure, or accept the limitation they’ve placed on them self; and we are here to encourage to push past that; to ride more and create something the world has never seen.  

Instagram has allowed us to show you what we see and where we are going.  We spread the ride x create vibe around the globe daily, in the hope that we’ve helped you to take the next creative step, or that extra mile, or hit that new trick you’ve hesitated committing to landing.  Instagram has allowed us to connect with all you fine folks, and get WAY motivated by you.  So… yes, you can view Instagram as just another app and not read into it this deep. No shame in that at all, but… it also lends the opportunity to connect with you in a very rad way, and I genuinely dig that.  

Thank you for your support. 

Thank you for motivating us.