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John Watson // THE ENDS

[vimeo w=610&h=343]

John Watson // THE ENDS from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

WOW!  What an amazing experience. 

Go to PiNP and check out John’s review of Mission Workshops Indian Summer Riding Kit!  He discusses their Merino shirts and Stahl Shorts. Good read! Very pumped about these new pieces of apparel from MW!  I hope you are to.


Chrome // Barrage Cargo

Barrage Cargo

Chrome has been pulling out all the stops lately!  The ingenuity, style and function they’ve taken their bags to is top notch! Take the Barrage Cargo pack for instance.

“The Barrage embodies three fundamental ingredients of Chrome’s commitment to urban utility – adaptability, mobility and durability.   Chrome knew the only way to build the ultimate rolltop backpack was to deliver on every step of the design process that included construction of bombproof materials, advanced technology and a well thought out design.

According to Steve McCallion, Chrome’s President, ‘The Barrage was built from the ground up, based on over 18 years experience making messenger bags for professional messengers around the world. Everything we’ve learned making messenger bags is in the Barrage. It’s built twice to survive the abuse of the city. It features our Welded-Waterproof technology to keep contents dry. It seamlessly adapts to different load sizes and to life on and off the bike. It’s made in America. And, it’s guaranteed for life. We believe it will be our next franchise bag.’

The end result is a product that is functional and utilitarian in which cyclists living and riding in the city depend on.” – Chrome

Go to Chrome and find out more about this beast of a bag!

Cedar Cycling // Women’s Standard Jersey

“The Women’s Standard is a best-in-class, made-in-America full-zip jersey. Speced, patterned and protoyped by women, the Women’s Standard offers a tailored and smart-yet-comfortable fit built in our very own, very proven StandardWool™.”


“In early 2012 we had a fit and concept summit with 12 local cyclists (all of them women) to determine what they liked – made in USA, versatility, durability. What they didn’t like – tight fitting necks and shoulders, loose cuffs, high pockets and short hems. And what they needed – material comfort & performance, something full-featured, something smart, something sophisticated.  We took notes, we took measurements, we got started.”


“After initial illustrations and first round specs we started working with a local pattern maker (a woman) with over 30 years experience designing technical apparel to begin the prototype process. We worked with Barb Howe, former US National Champion CX racer, for fit and for real-time, real-world R&D in the mountains outside San Francisco After several iterations and countless tweaks we started production on the first run Women’s Standard Jerseys in a local, woman-owned factory in the Bay Area.”


“A blend of merino wool and nylon, StandardWool™ is breathable, comfortable and naturally anti-microbrial as well as abrasion resistant and shape-retaining. Finally, a psychologically, emotionally and physically superior jersey made right on every level.”


“We stand behind our products with a 90-day no-hassle return policy. Our jerseys are made locally using the finest materials available, and we’re proud to continue the legacy of building technical apparel in Northern California.”


Well ladies… what are you waiting for?!? Cedar Cycling know their stuff!  What great research and genuin care for a solid women’s jersey that is above the standard in my opinion.  This is one of the many reason I dig Cedar Cycling.  They take their craft to the next level for your riding pleasure without sacrificing any style points!

Great job Cedar Cycling!!  You really knocked this out of the park.  Go to Cedar Cycling and Pre-Order your Women’s Standar Jersey today!  They are on sale for $144.00 during the pre-order, so get to it!


Levi’s Bike Shop – 2013 Tour

Levi's Bike Shop Tour


This is bad ass!  Levi’s, never not coming through with the raddest of radery!! And who gets to be the first to get down with their FREE amenities, tunes and drink… Portland!!  WOOP WOOP!! But, don’t be sad all you other great cities across Merica!  Levi’s has you covered:Levi's Bike Shop Tour CitiesGo to Levi’s – Commuter for more info.  I’ll finish with this video to get you pumped up!  I hope you partake in this gathering of greatness.


Mission Workshop // Argonaut Cycles Q & A Recap

[vimeo w=853&h=480]

Q&A with Ben Farver of Argonaut Cycles from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

Ben Farver is one nice fella. He is making/pushing to make the best bicycle, all unique in and of itself, just for you!  How rad is that!!  And… Mission Workshop was kind enough to host him and his very classy bicicleta as he answered a few questions from you nice folks.

Thanks Mission Workshop and Ben Farver for being American Made and very rad!!  Cheers to you both.