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Kris Fay // Slurpcult Pro

Kris Fay Slurpcult

Oh man this is sick!  You see a lot of sequence shots in skateboarding but not so much in FGFS.  I could be wrong, just haven’t seen a lot of it. 

“Its official, we just signed our first pro rider in the world of fixed gear freestyle.” – Slurpcult

This is going to be so. good!!  Slurpcult announced that earlier this month and will be releasing a “Welcome Edit” in the next week or so according to Kris.

Go to Lockedcog and check out more radness as well as updates on this “Welcome Edit” release. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Levi’s x VSCO // #Commuter Round Two

Levi’s x VSCO Commuter round two complete!  I chose to shoot at Blevins Bicycle Co. and did my best to capture his shop in all of its WWII quonset hut glory!


Commuter R2

Although this has nothing to do with the commuter collabo, it’s still using LV1, it was taken during this sesh, and I’m wearing Levi’s… that counts right?

Commuter R2 1

Davis looking ever so poised.


Commuter R2 2

I hope you enjoyed!

Stay tuned FOLLY folks! I’m VERY excited for Levi’s x VSCO Commuter Round ThreeThe Final Commute! It will feature the one and only Kyle Steed!  We will be spending 5 days on the sunny beaches of Seaside, FL! Beers in hand, bikes/boards at the ready!  Good times will be had!


Loose Nuts Cycles // Salsa Warbird

Loose Nuts Cycles just built up this bad ass Salsa Warbird with a custom camo finish!

Salsa Warbird

Photo by TwoToneATL

Salsa Warbird1.bmp

Photo by TwoToneATL

Go to Loose Nuts Cycles and check out the build specs and other rad snaps!

I’ll be heading to ATL Sep 7th-8th to visit the fellas at Loose Nuts. I’m pretty pumped to catch the last pro race at the local Velodrome as well!  If you’re in the area I’d love to cruise and grab a beer.

Happy Friday you goons! I hope you have a good one.

Girl Skateboards x Poler

In celebration of Girl Skateboards 20th Anniversary they teamed up with Poler and Poler Team rider Rick McCrank to pull together a very rad ride x create vibe combo!

Boards!!  Two options for your thrashing or cruising… then thrashing desires!

Poler x Girl McCrank

Photo by Benji Wagner

Why should you support this?  Because Girl Skateboards has been bringing you some of the best boards, riders and creativity for 20 YEARS! And that’s BAD. ASS!

Poler x Girl

Photo by Benji Wagner

Go get lost. Find you some sick skate spots. Then chill, enjoy some bourbon as you drift away in your super stylish, very comfy limited Poler x Girl One or Two Man Tent!  

Girl x Poler Tent

Photo by Benji Wagner

Go to Poler and check out their Adventure #59!  Way more photos of this great collaboration and McCrank thrashing!

Ruckus Composites // Carbon Access Tool

[vimeo 72688720 w=610 h=343]

Carbon Access Tool Teaser from Ruckus Comp on Vimeo.

Need something cooler than a switchblade pocket comb to whip out and impress yer friends? Look no further, ya found it!  Ruckus Comp designed one bad ass clean, sleek and classy key/tool housing device. “Guaranteed to make you the talk of the town, or at least the coffee shop.”  They will be available soon for your purchasing pleasure!

Go to Ruckus Composites and check’em out as well as their rad bottles.