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FOLLY in Rapha // Hooded Top Review

Folly In Rapha2

The cycling community is strong from sea to shining sea! I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Jeremy Dunn several weeks ago in good ol’ Portland during the Chris Igleheart shoot out of Velo Cult. He’s a clean cut good lookin fella. With a smile on his face and beer in hand, I walked up and introduced myself. Jeremy and I have had a small amount of interaction via social media (thanks for keeping us social internet), so It was really good to meet in person.

With that being said… I contacted Jeremy after I got back to Alabama and expressed I’d love to check out some Rapha gear, test it and put together a review. I only mentioned the Rapha Merino Arm/Leg Warmers so I could show off our newly acquired FOLLY kit throughout the winter. He said he’d get me set up… and that he did. Merino Arm/Leg/Knee Warmers as well as this bad ass Merino Hooded Top. Due to his generosity I wanted to take this review to the next level and bring in Tyler Brown to ride and shoot Rapha’s goodness.

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This is easily the most stylish piece of riding apparel I own. The temperature was in the low 40’s with a wind chill pushing to the mid to high 30’s. As you know (or should), Merino wool does its job well. It does not stop the wind but holds heat. The section in the center of this top is wind proof with wool underneath. This helps keep your core temperature up and your body does the rest by distributing that heat to your fingers and toes. Neat right? Yes I agree.

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But don’t worry, this top isn’t stylish at the sacrifice of function. When it gets cold, windy and dark… it has you covered. There are couple hi-vis features that will keep you seen. One up top to secure the windproof hood if you’re not in need of it. The second is with a rear pocket to house your phone/wallet/flask.  If you choose to go stealth, you can stow the pink accents simply by unbuttoning them. The rear pocket hi-vis tab also has the Rapha logo that is reflective.

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When I first put the Rapha Hooded Top on… I thought out loud, “this is the Cadillac of hooded tops”. It really is. The top hugs you well but does not limit mobility.

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I sincerely dig Rapha.  To sum it up… this top feels/looks/performs so good. And I’m a BIG fan of Merino goodness.  Go to Rapha and check out other features and photos of the Merino Hooded Top. I promise you won’t be disappointed that you did. And when you pick one up, we’ll share in the glorious comfort, style and function that is this top.

Make sure to follow along on our Instagram with #follyinrapha . I’ve already posted a few snaps of the arm/leg warmers and Hooded Top. I’ll continue to do so as the opportunity presents itself.  

(Editor’s Note: Big THANK YOU to Tyler Brown for his time and skill shooting these photos. He was kind enough to let me pick the ones I liked and put my own edit on them.  He shot with a Fuji X100S. I uploaded the shots to my iPhone and edited with VSCO. All editing was performed via iPhone 5. Argue for your limitations and soon they will be yours. Cheers!)


Ride x Shoot with Chris Rost

Yesterday was a very rad day cruising the couple blocks of city Huntsville, AL has to offer with Chris Rost. No matter how big or small your arena… there will always be solid spots to ride and photos to be had.

I get amped on cruising and finding photo spots. As I continue to understand photography and what’s going to look good (when to shoot, where to shoot, who to shoot…),  It’s very similar to finding new skate spots or revisiting old ones but with a new way to hit it up.  For example, you can shoot the same spot with a dozen different outcomes in the same way you can hit the same skate spot with a dozen different tricks. It all depends on the perspective and imagination you bring to the table. The creative element is there in both scenarios. What’s really amazing is riding with guys like Chris. I explain what I think would be cool to capture, he elevates it with his BMX riding ability and dreams come true.

(Editors Note: All shots are taken with an iPhone 5 and edited with VSCO. Argue for your limitations and soon they will be yours.)

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Lets ride together.


Mission Workshop / Tycho / FILTER Magazine

This is a pretty rad combo!  I love how Mission Workshop connects with so may different folks to test and review their products. It shows how functional these Made in USA bags are. Cycling, traveling, commuting… MW nails it.

Tycho x Mission“We teamed up with FILTER Magazine and went on tour with San Francisco audio/visual artist Tycho, to document how Mission Workshop gear works in the world of the touring musician. At first glance, the idea of being on tour can seem wildly glamorous:  Late nights, different cities, fans that adore you…But look a little deeper and you’ll see that the reality of life on the road is very much to the contrary.  Though there are good times to be had, the majority of a touring musician’s life is spent in transition. Transition from city to city, venue to venue, and hotel to hotel. We outfitted Tycho with the best of our waterproof jackets and weatherproof bags, as well as couple new products that needed field testing. Scott Hansen (aka Tycho) fully embraced the project and was able to provide extremely valuable feedback to Mission Workshop. His feedback will be used to prototype future apparel and packs.

The Tycho x Mission Workshop x FILTER Magazine tour is culminating on November 29th in Tycho and Mission Workshops hometown of San Francisco with a performance at The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.  This will be the last tour stop for Tycho before the release of his new LP next spring.  Check out his early release single.” – MW

Tycho x Mission1

Bankhead Is My Jam

Processed with VSCOcamThis is the main ride that gets me hyped every time, especially with the season change!  It’s very reminiscent of the Portland scenery and I love that. Minimal cars and people. Maximum Nature and hill climbing love!

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