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Fairdale R+D

Seriously though… bikes are fun! Fairdale knows how to capitalize on just how much fun they can be.  Words can’t describe how much I love this. Great job Fairdale bros!!

Stanridge Cycles // New Bike / Team Member

imageWHAT!! Dude. so. RAD!! I love how accepting Adam Eldridge is of artist collaboration work on his bad ass speed machines! The Stanridge Team is going to dominate this years Red Hook Crit! Believe that!

“Stanridge Cycles is excited to announce the arrival of Katie Arnold to the team as it heads into it’s 3rd season competing in the Red Hook Crit Series. Arnold will join previous Red Hook winner and Cat 1/Pro, Evan Murphy at the start line in NYC this weekend.

This years Red Hook Crit program began in October of last year while in Shoreditch, London visition Deathspray Custom. Ben Eine’s work on Mother London caught the eye of Stanridge cycles Owner Adam Eldridge. After returning to the states Ben was contacted and it was on. Ben hand painted both frames for the event.

This year Enve Composites, Paul Components, and Vittoria Tires have joined as new team sponsors while Endo Customs remains as the jersey maker. Riders will use a variation of the iconic Stanridge HSP MkII (pictured) during the series to showcase a team that competes at the highest level of fixed crit racing.

‘I enjoy creating bikes for this series. Having these frames used under race conditions means much more to me than hanging them on display at a bike show. They’ll get beat up, scratched and used which is perfectly fine with me’. – Adam Eldridge”

Make sure to follow along over at Stanridge Cycles for updates on this rad creation to be thrashed at RHC! Cheers!!

FOLLY x Bryant // FATROB Sneak Peek

imageI couldn’t wait any longer! Here’s a sneak peek of our collaboration with Cycles J. Bryant (Joshua Bryant) in all of its raw unbuilt beauty! This one (my personal ride that will be featured this weekend at the Detroit Bike City Expo) is the 700 x 45c version called “FaTRoB Steve” with the FOLLY x Bryant custom Venom’esk flat black paint and white hand drawn decals! I can’t wait to build up this handbuilt Get Rad Machine!! There are two other models we will offer in the limited FOLLY x Bryant colorway called FaTRoB Dixie and L’iL FaTRoB, make sure to check those out.

After Joshua displays the Get Rad Machine in all of its glory it will be shipped, build, and ridden all over the land!! Also… as I’m sure you could imagine, I will do an indepth breakdown after I get my hands on it. Check out the vibe of the FaTRoB in Joshua’s own words

“You remember that feeling you had as a kid when you swung a leg over your bike and blasted off towards your friend’s house linking cul-de-sacs and unfenced yards and dirt trails to get there?  Or how you felt that first day you rode 10, 20, 50 or 100 miles?  I wanted to design a road bike that reunited me with those feelings of freedom and exploration starting from the ground up.  I came to the drawing board (literally) with no preconceived notions on what this type of bike should look like, but I thought about how I want the bike to respond to the riding that I grew up doing and find myself gravitating towards again.  Kind of like if you took a CX bike, Randonneur, and go-fast Road bike and ran them over with a steam roller.  Take that hunk of iron and produce one bike that could do it all.  An adventure bike without equal.  A Fat Tired Road Bike, or FaTRoB as I like to call it.  All the necessary features and nothing you don’t.  A feeling of youth you could grab in bike form for just $1950 frame and fork.” – JBryant

The FOLLY x Bryant collaboration FaTRoB will be available for pre-order purchase next week. I’ll post ordering details then. Make sure to follow us on Instagram with #getradmachine to check out all the rad that will be this ride!! I hope you guys are as pumped as we are! This 100% designed, hand built, and Made In America beauty is going to be so. RAD!!! Cheers!!


I Rode In OZ

imageThe sun is setting later in the day and I had a bit of free time yesterday (becoming increasingly less during the week) and decided to hit up Wheeler Wildlife Refuge. This loop is about 12 miles that transitions from tree covered, farmland, and river front dirt/gravel road. 

The wide STUNNING landscape above pops into view as you come out of a turn from a tree covered section and it’s absolutely breath taking. The green is REALLY green. It reminded me of OZ (there in lies the title). I sharpened and saturated this image only one click in VSCOcam… other than that it’s the true color of the landscape. I highly encourage you to get out and experience the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge for yourself. If you raced in FOLLYCROSS then you already know how rad this place is.

**Editors Note: During FOLLYCROSS the road had been freshly grated meaning it had large ass rocks for gravel. This has been worn down to a fast hard packed road that’s much more enjoyable.

Review // Giant Bicycles Anthem X 29er 3

photo 3-1photo 2-1imageimageAnother rad weekend of mountain thrashery brought to you by Blevins Bicycle Co. x Giant Bicycles. Such a great time. Mountain bikes (a.k.a. squishy speed machines, a.k.a. no limit BRAAAAPmobiles) are so effing good! They’re like… big ass cross bikes.

Being that I’m new to the mountain scene I invited Davis Yarbrough to escort me around Alabama State Park Monte Sano. So many great technical trails. We rode pretty hard for about 2 hours and only hit up 16 miles. It was so good!

Alright… on to the Giant Anthem X 29er 3 review, comparing it to the Anthem 27.5 3. Right off the bat I noticed I was riding a 29er vs. a 27.5. Very different feel in this bike model for sure. The set up on the entry level Anthem 29er model is $500 less ($1,750 vs. $2,250) than it’s entry level brother in 27.5; this made a big difference. Why Giant did this… I’m not sure. 

I gotta be honest with this one. When I first hit the trail I was not amped on the Anthem X. Comparing the 27.5 to 29 back to back… you will not enjoy the change. I was up higher on the 29 (or atleast felt like I was) with downgraded components. Really it’s like riding a totally different bike so it’s a bit hard to compare the two even though they’re in the same family. So lets not.

What I loved about the Anthem X 29er 3:

– So… FAST! The rolling momentum just kept on! I picked a line. I dominate that line! It was so rad.

– You will roll over anything… ANYTHING! Climbing/Descending… it handled both very well.

All in all… about half way into the ride I adapted to the change. It was great. Davis and I would whip around the mountain laughing all the way (not really… I was wheezing most of the time). I loved being out on a squishy speed machine thrashing new trails.

I hope you will go check out the Giant Bicycles Anthem X 29er as well as the Anthem 27.5 and develop your own opinion. They will both serve you well. My opinion for purchase… if you have an extra $500 and wanna get into a bad ass entry level full suspension mountain bike… go with the Anthem 27.5.  If you’re on a budget or a hardcore 29er fan and would rather take that extra $500 saved on the 29er vs. 27.5 to upgrade components… the Anthem X would work well for that.  Jah blessed!


Janne Amunét // #ESCAPENORTH

Escape North1

Photo by Janne Amunét

Escape North

Photo by Janne Amunét

Wow… I’m not sure how Janne Amunét and I got internet introduced but I’ve loved everything he’s had his hand in. Just look at these two photos from his hashtag project #ESCAPENORTH featuring Mission Workshop goods being put to the test.

“The Arkiv bags and MW apparel got put through a test as they battled snowfall, water, arctic temperatures and sunny moments. Didn’t even faze us. Truly amazing.” – Janne

Go to I Never Stopped Looking to find out all the VERY rad stuff Janne dominates. OH… and if you ever need gear to defeat Norway’s NUTS winter chill… Mission Workshop has you covered. Cheers!