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Stinner Frameworks at Mission Workshop

Stinner and MWThis is going to be a blast!!

“On Friday, May 2nd, from 7—10pm join us at our San Francisco shop for a Q+A session with bike builder Aaron Stinner. Showcased will be one of his latest builds, a 650b hardtail with a unique geometry. Beer on tap, bourbon on the side, and a lot of talk about bikes.” – MW

I hope you’re in the area! And if you’ve never checked out Stinner Frameworks goodness, go do so now.


Argonaut Cycles // Deep South Odyssey

Argonaut Deep South Odyssey from Argonaut Cycles on Vimeo.

This. This is it. Soak it up.

Argonaut Cycles is proud to present the Argonaut Deep South Odyssey, our latest video. Directed by Brian Vernor and set against the backdrop of the Rouge Roubaix gravel race, the video showcases our new NAHBS Best In Show Gravel Racer. We hope you enjoy watching, we certainly enjoyed making it.

We would like to thank Aether ApparelRaphaShimanoEnve and Chris King for their support on this project.”

Learn more at :

Instagram: @argonautcycles

Now for the fun photos captured by John Watson (except maybe the first one… cuz he’s in it):


Chris Rost Rides BMX

imageimageimageI‘ve had a week/end full of cycling exploration and capturing rad riders like Chris Rost. Although I’ve never ridden in the BMX style, I live vicariously through Chris and his rad skills. Luckily on the day we met up the sun (aka light) was perfect to ride x shoot.

I love the search for new spots/photos/ride x create vibes. I hope you folks have had an equally impressive week/end!

Davis Yarbrough // Thursday Nights

imageimageimageimageLast night was a blast! I love riding with good ol’ Davis. I rode his world famous blue shred sled that is ALWAYS fun to rip on.

The night started like this.

Le Text:

Me – What’s up dude. What are doing this afternoon?

Davis – Thursday night ride, probably.

Me – Word. I’m free. Care if I ride your blue whip?

Davis – Yeah, sure.

Me – Headed your way now.

And away I went for a night full of peddling goodness. I show up at Davis’, he’s rocking a tall boy and playing Nintendo 64 (10 rad points achieved). Helment, bibs, and shoes on… away he went, scoring that last touchdown on whatever the game was. Listening to vinyled MGMT Davis freshly acquired on national Record Store Day… I got amped to smash around town!

Although you FOLLY fanatics may not give one care about this story… I want to encourage you to get up with your friends this weekend and ride the unridden, familiar streets/dirt/graveled paths, etc.

A good Friday indeed. Cheers!


Ride The Unridden 2

imageimageYou ever go on a ride thinking of the route you’re going to take, then your eye catches a dirt path you’ve yet to ride; you start to head down the dirt path before you’ve realized you just abandoned your original plan?

I hope so.

WOLF DRAWN // Stay Strapped Official Trailer

Stay Strapped Official Trailer from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

“After putting in blood and sweat for a year straight with some of my best friends we are happy to finally release Stay Strapped. The DVD has a run time of over 45 minutes and also includes hours of raw extras and crashes.” – WD

I don’t ride FGFS and this gets me amped!!  If you do ride BMX or FGFS I bet you’re headed over to WOLF DRAWN’s shop to pick up this DVD. So. GNAR!!