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Film Photography // Staying Consistent x Progressive

Water drip badBADWater drip goodGOOD

So… like, this isn’t the coolest thing to capture but it did lend the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned so far with photography utilizing film… kind of like a pop quiz if you will.

As I’ve gotten more comfortable with the camera I’m using I’ve equally become more care free when I go to shoot. I don’t notice where my shutter speed or aperture are set as much (Editors Note: I still pay attention where it’s set, but don’t go to meter it for every shot if I’m in the same environment). The first photo was taken in the care free zone I was in when I saw this super condensation filled building air conditioner vent, “Oh this is dark gloomy and odd”. After taking the first shot I thought… “I have no clue what my meter was on this… lets pay attention and apply some knowledge”. 

I slowed my shutter speed, kept the same aperture, zoomed in, focused, and snap! Although I have no clue how it turned out I had that feeling like… “this is going to turn out rad”. Now… I have had that feeling in the past and the photo turned out horrible, but now I had a bit more education and could better predict the outcome.

So there you go… keep pushing, educating yourself, stay consistent/progressive until you’re personally satisfied with the outcome!

I hope you’ll go check out FOLLY x FILM that further shows my film photography progression! Cheers!



Synth_INTROGiro SyntheGiro Synthe1WOW!!!

Perfect timing! I’m most definitly in need of a new helmet after getting hit by a car and the Giro AEON saving my brain bucket! Although these won’t release until the Fall… I have a “standby” helmet that will get the job done until I can nab one of these.

THESE ARE SO GOOD!!! So. pumped! Great job Giro!!

Go to Giro and check out everything you need to know about the Synthe. I promise you won’t be dissapointed!