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Chrome Industries // City Service Series

“Living the City inspired us to look to those who service it. Our latest LTD Series pays homage to the folks who get us out of fires, get us home, and deliver our paychecks. Introducing the new City Service Series. We took two of our iconic bags and spun them to reflect the styles of Fire Departments, Caltrans and the US Postal Service. Get them while you can. When they’re gone they’re gone.” – Chrome

These are rad! Nice little high five to the folks that we’ve either used their services or seen them working hard for us hooligans.

Go to Chrome Industries and check these out! Made in USA all DAY!

Wheeler. Smash!

imageMy pals Davis Yarbrough and Greg Curl let me tag along yesterday as we rode all over the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge. I was introduced to a couple new sections that were pretty bad ass! This place is constantly amazing me. AND… is a quite a bit harder to ride than meets the eye. I love it!

imageimageIf you’re in the North Alabama region you should definitly come check this out.

Get Amped // Red Hook Crit 2014

RED HOOK CRIT – 2014 from UnbundledUnderground on Vimeo.

This was a fun watch. It’s also a solid example to push your dreams and that small things can lead to bigger bad ass things if you believe it what you’re doing. Now I’m all amped up to go smash some miles.

“Heavy rain brought a tense day leading up to this year’s Red Hook Crit. Threats of cancellation and worries of increased danger on the course were relieved when the race finally started, 2 hours before its scheduled time, with a modified course and a shortened number of laps. Nevertheless riders came out in full force to battle the elements and each other.

Now in it’s 7th year, what started out as an informal birthday party for organizer David Trimble has become an international event. Hundreds of competitors from over 20 different countries descend on the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook to race on brakeless fixed-gear track bikes, and this year in the rain. The race is fast and intense, with only the strongest and smartest of riders able to overcome the fury and seize the title.”


Errin Vasquez // Coastal Breeze 300k


Photo by Errin Vasquez

“My goal was to finish the event in 14 hours, or close to 8pm” – Errin

I always love reading about Errin’s rides! They’re typically on the level of epic.

Go to Frontage Roads to read about Mr. Vasquez’s Coastal Breeze 300k as well as all the other epic rides he has accomplished. Get pumped. Go ride!

Ride The Morning

imageI promise you will never be disappointed waking up, making coffee, and hitting the road/gravel before the general public is awake. It is a feeling of freedom and peace that very few environments can provide.image


imageThese are the best shred sled tires ridden to date! When originally making the decision on which tire to use on the FOLLY x BRYANT FaTRoB I wanted to go with the Vee Rubber Speedster, they were unavailable, so then switched to the Vee Rubber 12… unavailable, and finally the WTB NANO Race after reading John Watson’s take on’em followed by Joshua Bryant giving them two thumbs up.

As you should know, picking the right tire for the job can be more time consuming than other options to build up your two wheeled steed. They are the final touch that brings everything together and I can’t express enough how pleased I am with the WTB NANO’s! Perfect fit for this #getradmachine!

imageimageThey shred dirt perfectly, Alabama wet clay on the other hand… picked up a little bit of it and they still did just fine!

This is a solid tire that can be, if needed, pumped up to 65psi. I rode 50 miles on them this weekend between dirt, gravel, mud, and road. They performed perfectly at about 40 psi.

Head over to WTB and check’em out for yourself. If you’re looking for a solid tire this cyclocross season look no further… you just found them! Cheers!