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Chrome Industries Introduces CHROME WARM™

Chrome WARM™ from Chrome Industries on Vimeo.

These look pretty solid for winter thrashing. Really diggin’ the reflective accents. If there is one thing I’ve learned this year of riding… it’s that people don’t see you, even mid day and it’s always good to be seen.


 The Chrome WARM™ Workshirt is the most versatile insulated jacket we can make. One side is high visibility rust orange, while the other is black diamond quilted. Both sides are made with water-resistant ripstop nylon. Bike specific details include longer torso and arms, reflective details, and ventilated yoke. The WARM™ Workshirt works on its own, or as an excellent mid-layer under our waterproof Storm™ Field Jacket and Storm™ Cobra.



We built the Chrome WARM™ Vest to be our most versatile urban cycling piece of clothing. It can be worn alone or layered under Chrome Strom™ and Wind™, and over our Chrome Merino™. The Chrome WARM™ Vest has a high visibility rust orange side and a low-key black diamond quilt pattern on the other. Both sides are made with water-resistant ripstop nylon and our lightweight poly fill packs tightly. Bike specific features include longer torso, ventilated yoke and reflective details.

wv_ls3 (1)wv_ls4There you go! Fresh from Chrome Industries for this years winter riding gear.

Make sure to go check out more over at Chrome. I hope you dig as much as I do!

Travel To Nowhere

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 presetA lot of times when I get on my bicycle I have a plan of where to go, how long I have to get there, what to see along the way, and so on. This weekend I had none of that.

Being a newer Dad, Husband, growing this thing we call FOLLY, and still working 40 hours at a place I refer to as “The Time Suck”… my time has been spread thin to explore without schedule. Processed with VSCOcam with m6 presetI got on the FOLLY x BRYANT FaTRoB about 6 pm on Friday and didn’t come back till about 3 pm the next day. You’d think I would have had a lot more miles than the 80 that I put in, but I took my time, stopped to see friends/places I generally don’t stop and visit.Processed with VSCOcam with m6 presetOne of the highlights of the ride was stopping at this construction creek (creek had been there for decades) mid day and cooling off. I can’t explain properly how refreshing it is to dip into a cold creek on a hot summer day. If you’ve never experienced this before… I highly encourage you to do so. You most likely will stay there longer than planned.

I’m sharing this with you in the hope that it will encourage you to break free either solo or with friends to ride, camp, and explore. I did this solo in my local area and had a blast.

FOLLY Review // The Kammok Roo

All TogetherI’ve had the pleasure of using the Kammok Roo for the last couple weeks. Kyle and I have set up the Roo in all types of city environments to chill, drink coffee, and watch the sun rise/set. The point is not only to chill with friends over a beverage of choice, but to show how easily accommodating the Kammok Roo is in all environments.

The Roo comes in this nice little self containing roll top pouch that keeps it protected from the elements. The pouch is secured to the Roo so you will not have to keep up with it when you pull your Kammok out. What most new people to the Kammok experience will do (wink wink) is open the roll top bag and pull the Roo completely out only to have it flapping in the wind, dangling on the ground getting dirty where your head is about to be. This may not be that big of a deal in some environments, but not all environments are made equal (i.e. I would not want my Roo to be hanging out on the ground where used oil has saturated the concrete).Self contained pouch 1How do you avoid this potential issue?

First make sure your Python Strap’s are set up and secure.Python StrapThen, making sure you have packed your Roo in a manner that the Kanga Claw carabiners are at the top of the pouch (very easy to do), you walk over to one Python Strap, secure the Roo to it, and walk away. Letting the Roo pull itself out of the compression sack until you reach your other Python Strap. Kanga ClawBOOM!! You’re all set up and ready to enjoy your Roo!! All Together1OH! and don’t worry about falling through the Roo, It may feel like taking a leap of faith the first time you get in it, but once you do, you won’t want to get out.

The Roo is “made of Kammok’s proprietary diamond ripstop fabric, LunarWave, the Roo is incredibly lightweight, tear resistant, breathable, and roomy enough for two.” – Kammok

With its 500 lbs. copacity, you’ll be able to fit a small family and the dog comfortably. LunarWave FabricI hope you’ve enjoyed reading my two cents. Go check out Kammok’s Instagram page for other rad snaps! Kyle and I have had the pleasure of taking over Kammok’s account this week, posting out take on the Roo.

Being that I’ve just recently built up our FOLLY x BRYANT FaTRoB to ride all over the land for bikepacking trips… the Kammok Roo couldn’t have landed in my lap at a more perfect time.

Thanks a ton Kammok!! You guys are nailing it on all levels. Super pumped to see what you come up with next! Cheers!


Cinelli MASH Columbus Frame Set

Cinelli Mash ColumbusDUDE!!!

“We are pleased to share a special project we have been working on with Chas Christiansen and the team at Columbus/Cinelli. Enclosed are some details of our first Columbus steel frame set. This unique platform is intended to solve for a broad range of needs with one bike. Chas travels heavily –racing alley cats, working as a messenger, racing cyclocross; so this bike was born from those diverse needs. The geo has a high bottom bracket, and is agressive in nature, but allows for weight to be carried on the front rack while feeling stable. The frame and fork have removable canti brake bosses, so the bike can be ridden as a clean fixed gear, or single speed cyclocross frame set, including internal cable routing for the rear brake.  Both the frame and fork will clear 35c tires for dirt, or a smooth street tire. We kept a raw look, keeping the weld heat markings, adding a clear coat to the steel. This treatment celebrates Columbus, whom we are proud to call family. Garrett Chow drew on the historical Cinelli and Columbus art archive to detail this frame set in a timeless manner. Look for more updates this week on this frame set, as well as the Parallax, and Histogram models.” – MASH

Go to MASH and check out more of this sweet combo. I’m in love!