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Finding The Light

Dallas, TX has a lot of fun nooks and crannies to explore. When you get four doodes together that crave exploring and capturing the scene you’ll never not end up with something fun to capture.

Let’s side track for a moment and talk about creativity. It can get EXHAUSTING quick. Not like the “omg I’m rubbing blisters on my heals” exhausting; more like in the “my brain is fried” type of way. There was no pressure to capture a great shot on this day other than that I put on myself. I didn’t have any deliverables, but I did want to create something I’m proud of and more importantly (in this case) something that Kyle was proud. I bring all of this up to say… it’s ok if you get the shot; it’s ok if you don’t. When I overpressure myself I tend to shut down a bit and that’s not where I want to be in my creative process.

This explore x shoot session just so happened to be focused around Kyle as this weekend marked 10 years of marriage with his wife Amanda. The event brought me, Brenton Little, and Nathan Michael in town to share in the celebration. When we all got in we hopped into a car and head downtown where Kyle knew of a fun rooftop access location; with the top floor of the building being renovated, we got to revert back to little children and go exploring.


Kyle and Michael were on the other side of the floor when Brenton whisper shouts (as if he wanted to keep it to himself for just a moment but got too excited and let his discovery be known) “light leak light leak”, and immediately darted over to this amazing laser beam of light as if he had just found a large group of Easter eggs and wanted to get there first. I follow suit only analyzing the scene and letting Brenton have his moment before Kyle and Michael come over to capture their version of the spot.

Shortly after Brenton and I have our moment Kyle and Nathan find us. Since Kyle was the man of the hour (or day if you will) Nathan directed him into place and away we went to snapping.

Lets stop here for second and talk about photographical direction. Nathan Michael is a pro at this! Figuratively and literally. It was very interesting to watch as he gave micro adjustments to capture his subject and how clearly he got the idea across to the person being shot. I very rarely direct, more so capturing what’s happening and do my best to envision where the shot is going to happen before it actually happens; so for me this was very educational. Cheers to you Nathan! Thank you for that.

SO… on this day our roles played out like this:

Kyle – Model

Nathan – Photographer

Me – Photojournalist

Brenton – Stage Manager

Kyle, Nathan, and myself are all self explanatory rolls. Brenton on the other hand…. he had the scene on lock! With pipe in hand… Brenton starts puffing away to get the spot nice and smoke filled! It was awesome… he knew what the spot was lacking and did his damndest to make it the next level! Shortly after everything is coming together his pipe runs out. But that didn’t stop Brent… he goes and finds a big ass push broom to conjure up some of the dust on the floor. Although we all probably have mesothelioma at this point… we got the shot. Thanks Brenton!!!

Here are a few shots from this day. I hope you enjoy.

SPURCYCLE // Long Distance Communicator

bell-slider1_sBeautiful things are beautiful. Didn’t really pick up on how bad ass these were until I checked’em out at MASH. Super into the craftsmanship of them.

Go check out Spurcycle for more info on this Bell as well as other equally stylish/functional products they create.

Spurcycle Bell Craft from Spurcycle on Vimeo.

Speedvagen Family Profile Series // Laura Winberry

Speedvagen Family Racing: Laura Winberry from The Vanilla Workshop on Vimeo.

This is killer! and the first in a video profile series from The Vanilla Workshop. Looking forward to checking out this series as it progresses.

Speedvagen is more than just a bike brand, it’s a family. The time spent learning a rider’s needs, and building a bike that exceeds those needs creates a special bond. The Speedvagen Family Racing (SVFR) team is an extension of those relationships we have built over the years. SVFR riders are a group of kindred spirits who are looking for a partnership, not a sponsor. Our riders go fast, but not at the expense of the enjoyment and camaraderie the cycling community fosters. Each member of the team is a friend first, and a racer second.

Our first video profile looks at Laura Winberry, who embodies the Speedvagen Family Racing ethos perfectly. Racing is her passion, but not her entire life. Laura is always looking for a creative outlet to express herself, and riding for Speedvagen is just one aspect of that.

In Laura’s words, “When I train and race I don’t go by numbers or data or watts, I go by feel and intuition and a little-big thing called heart. SVFR is an extension and an embodiment of the latter, the feel and the intuition and the heart. While racing itself is a huge component of why I do what I do, the experience and the individuals surrounding that experience are just as important. Really, there’s family of origin and there’s chosen family, and it’s about what you want to look back on, if you get the chance to look back. SVFR is part of all that, it’s chosen family and it’s part of what I want to look back on. It’s like Jay Z says: my brothers is my brothers like my brother is.”

SV Family

NEW // Blackburn Wayside Multi-Tool

imageDOPE! I love multi-tools. I love Blackburn. I love this Blackburn multi-tool!!

“To prevent getting stuck in an inconvenient situation hard to get out of, Blackburn has introduced the ingenious, Wayside Multi-Tool. The selection, length and placement of each tool has been designed to ensure the right tool is there when needed. Including detachable hex keys and an 8mm Hex for additional leverage, trail side repairs have never been as seamless. With the added benefit of a serrated knife blade to take care of business at the camp site, the Wayside-Multi Tool becomes the epitome of an all-purpose tool”

Go to Blackburn Design and check the Wayside Multi-Tool out for yourself. Solid gift for Christmas wink wink.


Chrome SF // Jessie Is Sew Cool

Chrome Industries has been a huge supporter of the FOLLY vibe from day one. Can’t thank the crew enough for their love and support.

Thursday of last week the sky fell out in San Francisco. I made my way though the city when the rain transitioned from full blast to light drizzle down to Chrome HQ to grab a very needed rain coat. As Chrome recently dropped the Storm Cobra 2.0 which is BAD ASS (review on that later), I decide to nab one. In doing so I meet Jessie. Pumped she was sewing and creating bad ass bags when I happened to pop in. Really love meeting the Chrome bag creators in each hub I’ve visited throughout the years (Check out Briana’s interview out of the NYC hub for example). Jessie and I talked about the art of handcrafted goods and that it is quickly becoming lost in todays society. I referenced shooting with a manual film camera and Jessie referenced sewing your own goods. Come to think of it… I’ve never developed my own film… I should start. Anyways, Jessie is bad ass and if you’re in SF you should go give her a high-five and say thanks for your talent. I’m sure she would appreciate that.

Here are a few shots from our chat.

San Francisco Is One Pleasant Place To Ride

I’ve gotta hand it to you San Francisco… you get the “Most Friendly City to Ride In” award hands down! I’ve never ridden in a city that is so cycling conscious. It was a pleasure to ride in you SF; and an immediate eye opener when I got back to the Southeast and was almost hit by an 18 wheeler within minutes of my first ride back.  I could rant and rave about how ignorant and non-progressive the South is… but you probably know that already. I apologize for any Southerner’s that I offend but I’m sick and tired of having to question if I’m going to almost be killed when I ride. Sure, feel free to hoot, holler, yell “Roll Tide”, or “Get off the road”; but don’t come within inches of taking my life you ignorant bastards. Some might say that this issue isn’t secluded to the Southeast and they would be right… but damn… it sure is more prevalent in this area of the nation then any other I’ve ridden.

In the days to come when I almost get clipped or pushed off the road I’ll think back to when I rode throughout the heavily populated SF streets without a single close call. Surely this will lift my spirits and give me hope for humanity.