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Shift WkkDOODE!!!

“Shift gears from clipless to flat pedals. Featuring a stiffened midsole for power transfer and comfort, counter-griped gum rubber outsole, elastic lace catch, and hi visibility reflective details. The Shift is the perfect solution for a flat pedal cycling shoe.” – DZR

Nailed it DZR. In love with these. Although the SHIFT won’t be available until Spring 2016… I wanted to give you a little preview of what’s to come from DZR.

Run Amok With The Amok-9

Shopify-Amok_9_White1_1024x1024Whoa! This a pretty rad low cost ripper. And by low cost I mean sub $600. If I was in the market for my first geared bicycle OR needed something to ride/rip/lock and not sweat everytime it’s out of sight for more than a few seconds… this would easily be my pick.

“Our Amok-9 cyclocross commuter fuses sophistication with unrivaled power. Cyclocross by design, our Amok-9 is better classified as an urban warrior. It triumphs the track and it owns the streets. Its 4130 chromoly frame is hand-built, tig-welded, and double-butted for confident and quick riding. It’s more lightweight than a mountain bike and more durable than a city bike. Our relaxed geometry gives a comfortable ride over and over again even when you’re traveling for many miles at a time. We’ve welded the cable on top of the top tube, so it’ll never catch on you or your clothing when it’s time to lift your bike up, whether it be to climb over some logs or up some stairs.” – Retrospec

Go to Retrospec and check out more. Fun stuff!

HIPCAMP // Austin, TX

imageHIPCAMP… lets take a look.

I’ve camped all over the land from sea to shining sea. In some instances I prefer to have a little more than the average ground camping experience but for the most part I love to hike/ride in, find IT, and set up for the evening. HIPCAMP is not your average ground camping experience. It is a group of folks that have you covered from the time you get there to the time you leave.

What does that mean? It means that you show up, check in, nab a tent (if you didn’t bring one), go pick a spot, grab your HIPCAMP cup and enjoy the abundance of adult refreshments that never quit flowing (don’t worry all you who do not drink, there are alternative beverages if you choose to flow that way). Dinner, breakfast, and coffee are provided (read about the awesome coffee in the post below) along with yoga taught in the morning after a night of great live music and maybe a little moon light swimming.

To sum in up, HIPCAMP is relaxing, energetic, fun with like minded folks that may turn into longtime friends you can enjoy the outdoors with for many moons to come. Go to HIPCAMP and find out what drives them to get more people outside.

Here is a photo recap from my experience. I hope you enjoy. Cheers!

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageThe next morningimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Bo Thunell’s Bottecchia x Coffee

imageIt’s always refreshing to meet likeminded folks. This weekend was the inaugural Hip Camp overnight brought to Austin, TX (more on that later). Kyle and I showed up at the same time as Bo. Bo rode his bike in and I could feel the rad vibes from this Texas heat sweat drenched fella. I was jealous that he got to ride in and my trusty steeds where nestled back in Alabama wishing they were with me (yes I just gave my bicycles feelings).

Throughout the afternoon I introduce myself to Bo and it turns out we run in similar cycling groups across the nation. Seriously cool stuff!! So, with camera at my side I ask to take a couple impromptu snaps of his Bottecchia to share with you fine folks. I hope you enjoy.

OH, awesome side note; Bo was representing Stumptown Coffee and made some killer caffeinated beverage the following morning. Thanks for that Bo!!


They See Me Rolleing…

imageDOODE!!! You know… when I first checked out Rollei 35’s I was intimidated. Not sure why exactly… but I was. Maybe because of the prestige that comes with them, or the fact that they are a very backwards way of operating a film shooting device, or I could never find one in a price range that fit me for this type of camera. Well… after many moons I found one and fell in love. It’s a bit quirky, but amazing to shoot with. Here is a couple photos from my test roll. Looking forward to capture a lot more with this little guy.



imageThis is my pal Jeronimo Nisa. We ran into each other on a ride. Little did we know at the time that we both were into photography and two wheeled speed machines. After a few conversation paced peddle sessions we found out we had quite a bit in common.

Jeronimo hasn’t been riding long but loves the freedom along with the scenery cycling provides. He quit smoking a little over a year ago and picked up two wheels. Actually, I believe cycling was as driving factor to support quitting smoking. Pretty rad stuff!

This is a photo recap using the Olympus Stylus Epic. GREAT little film shooter!! Really impressed with it. Great for rides!

Make sure to follow along on FOLLY x FILM for further film photo updates.      imageimageimageimageimage

State Bicycle Co. // Cross Is Coming!

Cross Is Coming – State Bicycle Co. #crossiscoming from State Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.

HA!! This is good.

“Our riders have been itching to get our and ride some cyclocross. As the season approaches, the itch is getting stronger and naturally, this sometimes leads to CX’ing in random and unusual places” – SBC