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Review // Topo Designs x Woolrich Rover Pack

The Topo Designs x Woolrich Rover Pack is definitely the classiest pack I own hands down. When I first got it in I didn’t think the combo of having Woolrich woolen fabrics accompanying the Rover would be that big of a deal. Actually, I primarily picked this version of the Rover because it was blacked out and I was instantly in love. Little did I know that the feel and subtle look of the Woolrich wool upper really makes this pack standout. Those facts along with the coated pack cloth liner, and other amenities the Rover pack offers, makes this bag a go to when I hit the trails for a simple coffee hikes like the one depicted below.

Kyle and I got out during the Thanksgiving holiday to explore and find the best camp coffee spot, talk about life, and enjoy nature outside of the insanity that was unfolding in the city below. I hope you had similar opportunity to enjoy nature during the holiday. Cheers!

Review // Swift Industries Hinterland Jr. Ranger Panniers

Absolutely the. best!! I mean… seriously. So… I could go into why this set up is the most baller set up in all the land but just know that I have never been more amped about a bag like I am with the Hinterland Jr. Ranger Panniers. With their addition to the Joshua Bryant custom FaTRoB I truly have my version of a dream bike built up.

The Hinterland Jr. Ranger Panniers are made with some pretty killer fabric called X-Pac™ “It is a 4 layer laminate that is extremely tough, very waterproof material that is the favorite material for high performance backpacks and gear bags”. Perfect for getting out there without worrying about your gear getting jacked in the elements. Now, I’ve only taken the Jr. Ranger’s out for a simple local exploration session and they rode solid and quiet; creating no issues whatsoever with handling even packed with Kammok, camp coffee gear, food, and 12 cans of excellence. I’m really looking forward to getting out of town fully packed up and seeing how they handle. I’m assuming I will only be more elated.

Here’s a few shots from my simple ride. I’m looking forward to using/documenting trips with these beautiful black panniers. With that said… keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be adding and reviewing the Hinterland Ozette Randonneur Bag soon. At that point the Death Star will be fully operational!!! In the meantime, go to Swift Industries and check out their other Hinterland Collection goodies. I promise you will not be disappointed that you did.


Cannondale Done Did It!!

Jammin-on-the-Cannondale-Slate-All-Road-Bike-13-1335x890I rarely repost stuff from John because when I dive into his site I end up wanting to repost everything! It’s too good! But this Cannondale Slate had to be done.

I’ve been riding the ’15 Cannondale SuperSix Evo HiMod for the last several month and can attest to the badassery of Cannondale. I mean… who else would take a risk creating this monster that I can only imagine is one hell of a great ride wherever you want to take it!

Go to The Radavist to catch more beautiful shots like these and John’s take on this machine. Cheers to two wheels!!


Lone Wolf Cycling // Barren Long Sleeve Jersey

barren_ls_1VERY NICE!!

“The sun sets earlier, the ground firms up, and the path is laid out before you through the bare trees. BARREN long sleeve winter jersey features a fleeced lining and wicking exterior, zipper garage that prevents pinching at the neck, and a weather resistant side zip pocket (capable of fitting large smartphones) with reflective strip. Designed to be worn over a base layer and short sleeve jersey. FIts true to size, if your sizing is typically a medium, then the medium long sleeve would be our recommendation.”

Go to Lone Wolf Cycling and check out more. Always coming through with rad winter gear.

Train Hard / Eat Hard / Stick To The Plan

When training rides go wrong… it’s probably because you didn’t stick to the plan. I’ve been riding for a long time but never trained for any specific riding style. Now that I’m craving long road riding days it seems fitting to start training to race competitively in the upcoming season.

My body has adapted to riding road for many mile… but not training on the level of the folks I’m training with. “So Matt… why are you training with them?” Great question! I wanted to get on the “accelerated reader” training list if you will. As previously mentioned in a few posts down, I caught Timo at the beginning of his training plan and got on board; figuring I would hold on for as long as I could, learn as much as I could, go deep into the pain cave as much as I could. And the story begins:

I found out several months ago that I need to eat every 30 minutes (whether I felt like it or not) if I’m going to go on an extended ride. Nothing big… just a small something every 30 minutes from the very beginning. This has proven time and time again to leave me feeling strong at the tail end of the ride and can finish with a smile on my face (well… whether I die during the ride or not I tend to end with a smile on my face). Now… this is for a “my pace” 70’ish mile day.  This last Saturdays training session at Timo training pace speeds I did not stick to my simple eating plan at all. I focused on staying efficient, mindful of each pedle stroke, and saving energy everywhere I could while hugging Timo’s wheel; mimicking his movement to learn as much as I could during the training. Because of this, I went 2 hours without any food. WRONG!!! At hour 3.5 I cracked hard… like really hard. So hard that I stopped in the middle of the road with full leg cramps on both legs. I was stranded In the middle of the road (which was luckily void of car traffic) and could not move my legs enough to get over/off my bike. So I stood and waited for a life ending full fledge cramp attack to knock me to the ground but it never came. After a few chugs of water and a couple minutes passed (keep in mind I’m still in the middle of the road just standing there straddling my bicycle), I was able to move again. I slowly creep off the UFO and baby step to the sidewalk where I drink about a half a bottle of water and stare off into the blue sky.

After several minutes Timo Stark and Chris Cundiff come retrieve me. Feeling bad for cracking on their training ride I tell them to go on and that I’ll be fine, just need a few minutes for the demons to release the death grip they have on my legs. Timo and Chris leave, I recover enough to move again, then start very slowly/painfully inching my way up a short but steep climb I had ahead of me. Damning my legs the whole time I make it to the top and start heading in for the last 10 miles of the ride. A couple miles into that I feel COMPLETELY fine… like… very oddly fine. No hint of cramps, full power, I stand up to sprint even and I’m full speed ahead. I start shaking my head and then realize… STICK TO THE PLAN! I’m new at this game and need to stay as strict as possible; not neglecting nutrition during the ride. I’ve gotten away with this on “my pace” rides plenty of times. This is not the season for that.

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience. Maybe you have similar stories; maybe you don’t; all I know is that I died that early November 14th morning and was brought back to life. It was a lesson learned for sure. Cheers to that!           


OH MAN!!! Yesterday was a pretty significant day! First sanctioned cyclocross race brought to North Alabama right down the street from mi casa. Local University (University of Alabama in Huntsville) and Blevins Bicycle Co. hosted one hell of a great race that I hope is the start of MANY local races to come.

The course was really fast with a great layout of technical turns and stairs that require you to mount at the top of a tight steep corner that begs for you to screw up. And that I did! First lap! I was feeling strong even after the previous days 70 mile training session with Das German. All was going as planned until that damn corner where I slipped right off my saddle and preceded to ski down the embankment allowing about 10 racers to pass. And that was the end for me. I still fought to get back in it but the gap was too wide. With that said I had a great time and am really amped CX is making its way into my neck of the woods.

NEW // Swift Industries Hinterland Collection

Hinterland CollectionI am seriously amped on this collection!! Swift Industries screams “GET OUT! GO EXPLORE!!” I hope you do just that this Fall/Winter… I will be!

hin・ter・land / ˈhin(t)ərˌland/ noun:



Go to Swift Industries and check out more on their Hinterland Edition Ozette Rando Bag and Jr. Ranger Panniers as well as some small goods that you’ll very much enjoy.HinterlandSocial5hinterland_mug_product_2

TransWorld SKATEboarding // Theories of Atlantis: A New York VIDEO

In love with this:

“We all want to take a bite of the Big Apple, but most of us are content with a summertime fling in the city that birthed skitching, skrellys, and hip-hop. The threat of the brutal winters, high cost of living, and fast-paced lifestyle keep the majority of skaters and the skateboarding industry alike tucked safely away in California. In contrast, Theories of Atlantis distribution have planted themselves directly into the streets of New York City where a lot of their riders also reside. You’d be hard-pressed to find any companies more plugged into raw street skating than Traffic, Polar, Hopps, Magenta, Isle, and the Static video series, which I quickly bore witness to pushing through the city 12 hours a day with them for a solid week. Here is a glimpse of the characters that make up the Theories family, so grab your board, stand clear of the closing doors, and meet me at Hoyt and Schermerhorn at three o’clock on the dot.”—Dave Chami

Go check out TransWorld’s November Issue for more story and shots like this. So sick!