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Escadrille Cycling // Ride With Founder Jordan Humble

EscadrilleI mean… WOW!

As you fine folks have followed along with me on this journey called FOLLY, you’ve been able to see all the people, places, and things that have inspired me to keep doing what I do. No place thus far has caught me by surprise as much as Chattanooga, TN. It is a hidden gem of the Southeast that is THRIVING with young, successful, creative businesses that are making what I want. Case and point… ESCADRILLE!

Ok… “Matt, but what does Escadrille mean?”

Glad you asked. Escadrille literally means a French squadron of aircraft; which is pretty cool and makes me paint a mental picture of a sleek, stylish French fighter pilot, cigarette in mouth, ready to bring pain to anyone that crosses his/her path. NOW… that has nothing to do with the brand but it’s where my creative mind goes with it. What does remain intact with my creative interpretation of Escadrille is the luxury cycling and outdoor apparel aspect that is VERY apparent in the fine details that Founder Jordan Humble and the Escadrille Team have put into the gear. Jordan’s vision to bring high quality products to the cycling community is very apparent and the foundation of what makes Escadrille so solid. Furthermore, it goes beyond just creating quality cycling apparel and transitions into the underlying drive to build the Southeastern cycling community. It’s a beautiful thing.

Here is a photographical representation of a start-to-finish day with Escadrille Founder Jordan Humble; we chat, we caffeinated, we climbed the most BEAUTIFUL climbs. Great things to come in the near future from the both of us.


Silent Cycles Shop Visit

What’s more American than handcrafted steel shred sleds!?

I had the absolute please of meeting up with Justin Shipp, Founder of Silent Cycles, during yesterdays Chattanooga, TN invasion. REALLY loving everything about his two wheeled creations! Although I only got to dive into Silent’s vibe for a handful of minutes, I began to fall in love with some of the small details that set Silent Cycles apart from the rest.

I hope you enjoy as much as I do. DEFINITLY go check out more info on Silent Cycles site. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

MonDaze Dreamin’ Keep Gettin’ Dreamt

Absolutely KILLER weekend riding new routes and exploring rural Alabama roads.

The country never disappoints. There is always something destructed and left to figure itself out for future settlers.

I hope you had an equally eventful weekend. Here’s a few shots as I focused on efficient rotations.

FYI… the Cadence Collection Diablo Wind Vest was a life saver during cooler mornings that turned into warmer afternoon rides AND packed up like a dream in my jersey pocket when not needed. Never not impressed with good ol’ Cadence.


When f/11 Goes Full Nuke

Had a killer mid week ride yesterday with Team Infinity rider Timo Stark. His slow is my fast, but that’s besides the point. Being a lone wolf rider can be fun and all but gets old quick. I mean… cycling should be spent with pals, pushing each other, celebrating the road/mtn/gravel together. During the beginning of Fall last year I attempted to train with Timo to race this summer. Really it was just the tip of the iceberg and I was already feeling the pressure and missing training rides due to other priorities in life. Road racing is an entirely different animal all together. I was intrigued to see what it was like. Got a taste and decided I just don’t have the desire needed to push it to the next level. What does that mean? It means I love where I’m at with riding! Making pals along the way and staying strong enough to keep up with stronger riders when needed. To me, that’s my personal happy place.

Anyways… per the previous posts bellow, I’ve been shooting at f/11 primarily lately and found some limitations when shooting while riding with that small of an aperture. Well, really it just presents an image I wasn’t shooting for but turned out “Full Nuke” and interesting to look at.

I hope you can relate to my blabbering. It’s fun to explore and find out new things in places I’ve frequently been with photography and riding. Cheers!


North St. Bags // Scout Duffles Made For Life

Copy of IMG_3194Fresh Duffles from North St. Bags. Really love these! I always carry my Chrome Knurled Welded 37 pack and Topo Designs Field / Camera bag when I travel. They have served me very well but leaves me limited in some of the other bags I’d prefer to bring along when I explore new cities.

The trio of new duffles from North St. gives plenty of traveling options. I personally like the Scout 21 for its 30 L size and signature waterproof X-PacTM sailcloth interior. It’s large enough to pack everything I need for week worth of shenanigans but small enough to keep as a carry on when I fly; thus allowing me to carry smaller back packs to use when I skate or ride in the city I’m going to.

With that said… North St. Bags didn’t stop at a large duffle, they hooked up two other sizes to meet your traveling needs AND they both are double purposed to be used as handle bar bags if needed. Pretty effing cool!

“Portland, OR – North St bags based in Portland known for manufacturing quality and durable products announced today their new line of duffel bags. Three sizes available, The Scout 11 which doubles as a discrete cycling handlebar bag, Scout 14, a mid size bag perfect for the weekend warrior and the Scout 21 for the long excursions.

Adventure travelers continue to search for the happy medium between cycling-friendly and a travel-ready bag system—one bag to rule them all. North St. Bags new Scout series includes three American-made waterproof duffle bags that are optimized for travel but simple enough for your everyday carry. The Scout duffle system can handle the big family vacation or the daily two-wheeled commute. Made in the USA. In addition North St has just released a limited edition Scout 14 with Handsome Cycles that can be purchased here.

Available three sizes:

  • Scout 11: 11” Length, 6.5” Diameter, 6 L
  • MSRP: $59 – ($20 – Optional Handlebar Mount)
  • Scout 14: 14” Length, 8” Diameter, 15 L
  • MSRP: $79
  • Scout 21: 21” Length, 10.5” Diameter, 30 L
  • MSRP: $99



  • 1000 denier Cordura® Outer Shell.
  • X-Pac™ Waterproof Liner.
  • Interior zipper pocket and lanyard.
  • Shoulder strap included.
  • Custom colors also available.
  • Guaranteed for Life.

Copy of IMG_3322Copy of IMG_3397product-duffle-basket-testCopy of IMG_4859imageimage

NEW // Affinity Anthem Track / Made in NYC

1458619719362Absolutely stunning work all around. In love with this!

“Brooklyn’s finest have come together to create the Anthem track bike in NYC. The proprietary design is from Affinity’s Jason Gallacher and it’s hand made in New York City at Thomas Callahan’s custom fabrication shop ‘Horse Cycles’. According to Jason Gallacher, founder of Affinity Cycles, “We knew it was a non-negotiable to create this bike outside of Brooklyn, in fact we sourced all materials in the USA because this was our vision of what a track bike should be.” The Anthem is welded using lightweight, aerospace grade air hardened True Temper OX Platinum steel. A distinct detail of the Anthem is a thin sleek integrated seat mast, and a proprietary seat post wedge co designed with famed bicycle industry design engineer Aaron Panone of 44rn. Additional features include classic campy style dropouts, oversized down tube and a tapered head tube paired with an Enve fork. The Anthem is available in two color ways “Bubble Gum Blue” and “Metal Grey”. Brilliantly painted in house with a glass like quality clear coat by Ben Falcon paint works. These small batch frame sets and complete bicycles are affordably priced and in stock now. Visit to purchase, and at Affinity’s select stockists worldwide. The Frame set retails for $1750.00, and complete builds begin at $2750.00.”


My Journey to f/11

I have neglected my double digit F-Stops for far too long. I’ve been shooting at f/11 the last few days and loving it. The clarity of fujinon glass never disappoints.

I hope you all had a great weekend filled with good times. I battled intense headwinds all weekend which brought me to a realization. Once you accept the pain and struggle of moving like a snail but giving effort that would push you up into the high 20mph range… you can slow you mind, accept the struggle, and start to have fun; focusing on technique to get through it. At least that’s my experience.