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JP Bevins // Red Hook Crit Women’s Field Portraits

image“I initially started this project to highlight the human side of this field, in natural light, on black and white film. Simplistic. Real. Honest.” – JP Bevins

I’ve really loved checking out JP’s RHC Portrait series the last few years. This year is no exception.

Go check out No Life Like This Life with 24 Red Hook Crit Women’s field portraits and words by JP Bevins.


NEW // State Bicycle Co. Contender II

state_bicycle_fixie_fixed_gear_contender_30Into this photo. Into the new State Bicycle Co. Contender II.

“The all new Contender Series is more than just a makeover; it’s a smoother, lighter and more responsive machine. All the while, maintaining the elements that made this series so enduring in the first place.”

Go to State Bicycle Co. to get an inside at these bad boys/girls.


The Radavist // Massan’s Fresh Low SS Crit Build

Massan by KyleReally pumped to see these shots/read these words by Kyle Kelley on Massan’s fresh Low Bicycles built.

It was a pleasure to ride x shoot with Massan during my last SF trip. Even more so to read a little history on how he’s progressed throughout the years, inspiring folks like you and me.

Go to The Radavist to check out more.


A Beautiful Inside Look // Adam Kachman

AKPhotograph by Mari Oshaug

“Riding was a way of escaping from the stress that comes with working…”

Adam Kachman has personally inspired my direction with photography and riding style. Although we live on the opposite sides of America, I consider him to be a friend, as weird as that sounds; but I’m pretty sure if we were in the same town we would high-five and celebrate the beauty of riding and creating together.

This is a beautiful inside look at the things that mold our lives into what they are. Adam’s story is something I believe most can relate to in some way shape or form.



Oh man… I still have a pair of Chaco’s from 15 years ago. I got out of the Chaco game a while ago but as soon as I saw they collaborated with Topo… it was a no brainer.

Alright, so when you’re traveling to a ride, race, or general shenanigan exploration sessions… what’s the first thing you want to do when you get done? Get those damn shoes off and slip into something comfy. Well, Topo knows this; Chaco is well aware; so they high-fived and said “LETS DO THIS” (editors note: paraphrasing) and here we are today.

As a Native of Denver, Colorado, I’ll never abandon my sandal wearing roots… EVER. Although I may leave on an extended sabbatical, my piggies will always crave the feeling of open air, dirt between my toes, and refreshing water from a cool creek after a hike through nature.

Honestly, in love with the bright colors and design of the Topo x Chaco ZX’s; well that along with supporting Topo Designs and long lost pals, Chaco. These will be used for more than expected. As of right now they will serve me well pre/post rides and hiking to local watering holes. Come to think of it… these will be the perfect companion on the upcoming Swift Campout overnight June 25-26. PUMPED!!!

Thanks for making great things Topo x Chaco!! I’m looking forward to enjoying these for many years to come.

If you’re into this collaboration, go to Topo Designs and check the Chaco Men’s ZX/1’s and Women’s ZX/2’s as well as apparel and backpack goodness!!


Laura’s MOTO Super Commuter

Fun bicycles are fun period

After Chris Tavel and I cruised around Atlanta (Chris on his #MOTO ripper) we ended up at a local block party for some good food and high-fives. While doing so, Laura (Chris’ wife) rolled up on what I refer to as a “super commuter”, also a MOTO build. Now… I have no clue who is behind MOTO other than “Jared who is one of my best friends.” per Chris. This undiscovered secret society bad ass frame builder may prefer to stay hidden, only building bicycles for those he deems worth, but I’d love to find out more. Until then… here are a few shots of Laura’s build. I’m in love with it.


Things Seen // Atlanta, GA

Shots like these are one of the many reasons I keep a camera on my person at all times. Also one of the many reasons I love exploring cities like Atlanta, GA on two wheels.

Ride Recap with Chris Tavel

imageIt’s always a blast to catch up with Chris and the Loose Nuts Cycles crew. Chris was kind enough to show me around Atlanta, GA and was more than hospitable letting me crash at his casa after a night filled with good times.

Thanks for everything Chris!! Catch you next time!