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Review // Elder’s Knifeworks


So, if you didn’t know, I’m kinda into knives. Not in a weird “lets go on QVC and buy 100 knives for $19.99 but act now and we’ll double it” kind of way; more so on a handcrafted utility cutters from small business artisans… level, if that makes sense.

My Dad introduced me to the love of knives when I was young. To find out about a pal in Atlanta, GA starting is own handmade knife company with skills passed down from his father, it was a no brainer to pick one up as a solid piece that will be used day in day out and passed down to my son one day.

Sincerely In love with your work Mike!!! Although this is a little bit bigger for a daily carry, I wanted something larger to take on my 30 day trek across Romania in the coming month. I can see where I’ll be emailing you soon for something a little smaller. Until then, I’ll do my best not to gloat on how bad ass this knife is.

Go check out more on Elder’s Knifeworks IG page. So many beautiful knives for your purchasing pleasure!


Ritchey Too Good

imageNo. Brainer!

There are a ton of options out there for upgrading your rides. Ritchey is easily a go to for maximum style/function at reasonable cost. The fact that Ritchey has been doing this “bicycle thing” for 40 years is way too impressive. I know when I buy one of their low end or high end products I receive the same level of detail; and for me, Ritchey’s COMP series line is PERFECT! Simple, clean, functional and it won’t break the bank.

Go to Ritchey and check out all of their goodies. Then go to your local shop and order what you need.

Support local / Buy local/ Love errybody


State Bicycle Co. // Undefeated II

state_bicycle_co_undefeated_II_track_bike_16I’m in love with this!! I’ve enjoyed watching the progression of State Bicycle Co. In my opinion, this is big step in the right direction.

“Straight out of the box – the Undefeated II is a race ready, beast of a machine. Building upon the original Undefeated’s winning pedigree, The Undefeated II comes stock premium SRAM Omnium Cranks, Michelin Tires and Ritchey Components stock while featuring new and lighter rounded 7005 Aluminum Double Butted Tubes. The stiffened front end features a newly oversized-tapered head tube and matching Essor USA full carbon fork for superior handling and responsiveness. These new features make The Undefeated II the perfect tool for mastering fixed-gear crits. The Essor USA Bolt 31 wheelset is an added bonus – being both lightweight enough to race (1736 g) while still being durable to take a beating on the street.”

Go to State Bicycle Co. and check out more on the Undefeated II.state_bicycle_co_undefeated_II_track_bike_18

Review // Crankbrothers M5

It’s simple. It’s inexpensive. It gets the job done.

“The ultimate trailside companion” per Crankbrothers, and I agree.

I’ve had a bunch of different tools from super elaborate down to the M5. Honestly… most of the other junk that comes on the larger more elaborate tools will never get used by the average consumer, in my opinion. I’ve been riding for as long as I can remember and when I’ve needed to pull out a tool, it’s typically because my grips came loose, I hit a tree and need to realign my brake leaver/handlebars, or readjust my saddle/seatpost.

With that being said, for the long hauler touring type… never leave home without something that can break down/repair your entire bicycle… you may need it 100 miles from nowhere. But, for the local trail or road ride, the M5 is perfect. I refer to it as the pocket knife of multi-tools.

Go check out more at Crankbrothers. They have a magenta / black color option that’s pretty sick.

Review // Roadrunner Bags “Lil Guy” Mini Pack

So… it’s tough to shoot a pack when you don’t have someone readily available to wear and display. But… as this pack’s name is the “Lil Guy” I thought, “ISAAC, COME WEAR THIS FOR A MINUTE”, and here we are today.

Absolutely in love with this mini pack. It’s very helpful on the trail and keeps me from either having to use a tool roll or just extra compartment space for my camera, food, beverage, etc.

This particular Lil Guy mini pack is made out of X-Pac which is waterproof and tough as nails. If I opted to bring valuables that I would prefer not to get wet and muddy (i.e. camera, film, wallet) the Lil Guy has me covered.

The Lil Guy is extremely comfortable to wear and barely noticeable when riding. There are a couple different waist compression straps that keep it in place AND with the ‘Mollee’ style webbing on the front side, it’s perfect for attaching lights or other misc. items to.

Brad is always taking simple ideas and making them great. Love his products. They have served me well time and time again.

Go to Roadrunner Bags and check out the Lil Guy Mini Pack. If you’re in need of such a device, look no further… you just found the best options.


22874709812_abb8821e3b_o_1024x1024YES!! I love that Topo has expanded to a full on Women’s line!!

Creating a brand is tough enough as it is. Most of us underground starters (Editors Note: Topo has been around for many moons, but started from something small.) do what will generate enough funds to keep the lights on while capturing the creative vision that started the entire endeavor to begin with. Women’s specific cut is typically on the back burner; not because women’s cut isn’t important, but because it’s not financially available to do it all. SO, to find out that TOPO has taken it to this level brings me joy. I personally have been IN LOVE with their new Chaco collab. as of late.

I hope you love this as much as I do. These are a few of the items that stood out to me.

Go to Topo Designs and check out more on this greatness.     22469816117_d8b1513db5_o_1024x102420561925912_48342f5580_o_1024x102420427824414_98ac3ecc77_o_1024x1024

Ritchey // P-29er Steel Shredder



The only thing I would tweak is making it stock 1×10 but other than that this is my dream machine… AND for a really great price with all the goodies that come on it.

I mean… WOW! AND these bars (not stock but oh so beautiful)!! DAMN!!