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Blevins Bicycle Co. CX Training

Like… you could go set up “training” barriers or pretend that jumping on and off your saddle dosen’t rack your nuts or lady parts time and time again… or you could go huck off at the skatepark. Either way you’re skills will improve. The only thing that will change is the level of fun you’ll have. Brice and Brandon of the Blevins Bicycle Co. CX team know what I’m talking about.

No Harm In Gettin’ A Garmin

imageWell… the time… has come where I breakdown and nab a Garmin. I wanted something that had more purpose than just being attached to my bicycles so I did my homework and ended up with the Forerunner 235. Now I know what you’re thinking… “um… Matt, that’s “for runners”, but really the FR235 only resembles a running watch when in reality it is a one stop shop for ANY activity.

After using the FR235 for a couple weeks I’ve found the heart rate calorie counter to be very helpful. Instead of guessing what nutrition I need each day, I can look at Garmin Connect app and know exactly what I’m working with to reach my goals. Those fun facts mixed with sleep tracking help me understand why I feel like crap during a ride and what I need to change. PLUS… I don’t have to carry my phone with me anymore!!! My rides, and yes runs, will upload directly to Strava. BAM!!

With all that being said, there are tons of less expensive options out there that will do the exact same thing, but in my opinion, the FR235 looks the best and Garmin has incorporated a great social UI with the Garmin Connect app AND you have Garmin’s supreme GPS tracking that will give you some really great options to map/track rides.

So why not an Apple Watch instead? They’re about the same price:

Great question. Although Apple Watches look amazing and I’m sure function really well, they have the worst battery life of all the smart watches I researched and no GPS. For me, that just isn’t going to fly. The FR235 is light weight with heart rate optics, and about an 8 day battery life, depending on daily activity use and setting options.

OH and… you can either create your own HR Zone training plan or just download one from Garmin that is pre created based off of your activity level. HOW KILLER IS THAT!!

If you’re in the market for a watch that will do it all and assist you with your riding, running, lifting, swimming, hiking, sleeping, etc. goals… look no further; the Garmin Forerunner 235 has you covered.