Thank god for Blevins Bicycle Co. (BBCo)!!! My Friday didn’t originally have plans to rip around the mountain on a Cannondale Habit but when my newly acquired ridged SS with new Shimano XT brakes (installed by BBCo) fell through due to a manufacturing issue I had to switch to plan B. Luckily BBCo saw the distress on my face and provided me with a Cannondale Habit for the weekend.

I’ve never ridden a Cannondale mountain bike let alone a Lefty suspension. It was pretty awesome to say the least. It felt really natural despite its looks. Honestly… I love the uniqueness of it. I know that Lefty’s are no new thing to the MTB world… just new to me and I’m into it.

If you’re in the North Alabama area I highly recommend hitting up Blevins Bicycle Co. and checking out their Cannondale mountain rippers. Good stuff all around!