imageBlackburn Design, making everyday tools for the everyday rider.

Loving the Wayside CO2 Inflator. An easy decision to pick up. As far as CO2 inflators go… this one gets the award for best looking. It’s CNC alloy construction and simple, proven spring loaded valve design that accommodates both Presta & Schrader valves is easy on the eyes and the wallet.

Bottle cages are always a tough purchase for me. Obviously I LOVE Stainless Steel (like the Blackburn Chicane’s I currently have on my road ripper) and drool over anything Titanium, but the price point can get up there pretty quick. I needed something not so fancy for my mountain and touring bicycles but still added style points without jacking up my water bottles. Low and behold… Blackburn had me covered yet again. Their Comp Aluminum Bottle Cage is only 6 grams heavier than the Stainless Chicane Cages (if you even care about that, which I don’t, but made me wonder why I bought the stainless version, OH that’s right… because they look bad ass) and $10 cheaper!! Easy. Purchase!! I love them for multiple reasons, but what stuck out the most is the fact that they don’t have Blackburn’s logo blasted on them like many of the other comparable price point cages out there, keeping my bicycles “clean” and simple look in tact.

I hope you dig these simple products as much as I do. Blackburn Design has been my one stop shop for the last several years. Pumped on’em.