Photo Jun 05, 4 49 48 PMI had a blast shooting Blevins Bicycle Co. yesterday! It’s really impressive that everyone of the employees is a mechanic first and sale person second.

“But Matt… why does that matter?”

I’m glad you asked. Who better to fit you to a bicycle that will give you all the fun you expect other than someone that knows that bicycle inside and out? A mechanic would, that’s who. Now… I know what you’re thinking… “most of the mechanics I’ve seen in shops are greasy and angry looking”. Well, you got the greasy part right (you know… because they are building/working on two wheeled fun machines for your riding pleasure), but you missed the mark on angry looking.

I’ve known Matthew Blevins for a long time and if there is one thing he is, is customer friendly! That and the rest of the Blevins Bicycle Co. crew.

If you’re in the area or just passing through, definitely stop into Blevins Bicycle Co. I promise you’ll be meet with hardworking, greasy, happy people that will most likely offer you an espresso or post ride beverage of choice.


Photo Jun 05, 5 36 10 PM