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JP Bevins // Red Hook Crit Women’s Field Portraits

image“I initially started this project to highlight the human side of this field, in natural light, on black and white film. Simplistic. Real. Honest.” – JP Bevins

I’ve really loved checking out JP’s RHC Portrait series the last few years. This year is no exception.

Go check out No Life Like This Life with 24 Red Hook Crit Women’s field portraits and words by JP Bevins.


A Beautiful Inside Look // Adam Kachman

AKPhotograph by Mari Oshaug

“Riding was a way of escaping from the stress that comes with working…”

Adam Kachman has personally inspired my direction with photography and riding style. Although we live on the opposite sides of America, I consider him to be a friend, as weird as that sounds; but I’m pretty sure if we were in the same town we would high-five and celebrate the beauty of riding and creating together.

This is a beautiful inside look at the things that mold our lives into what they are. Adam’s story is something I believe most can relate to in some way shape or form.

Things Seen // Atlanta, GA

Shots like these are one of the many reasons I keep a camera on my person at all times. Also one of the many reasons I love exploring cities like Atlanta, GA on two wheels.

New Direction

imagePhotograph by Nathan Michael

What’s up FOLLY folks!? It’s that magical time in my life where I take the consistent and progressive vibe we’ve been spreading year after year and challenge myself to dive deep into the art that is photography. To be completely honest with you, I’ve become comfortable in my day to day capturing’s therefore lacking the drive to push my personal limits and progress through trial and fire.

I’m just not satisfied with where I’m at.

I’m taking a step back to explore and redefine my process outside of the bicycle bubble that is FOLLY. Storytelling, ride recaps, product reviews, and general shrednanigans will still be captured here as well as on @createfolly via Instagram, but I want to rethink how I shoot under a completely different umbrella as myself, with no agenda for or against products and bicycle life.

I hope you’ll follow along:


Instagram: @matttpittman


Monochromatic Florida Trails

imageRiding and capturing Adam McAnulty ripping and Minh’s Diamondback SS while we took a quick breather from the Florida sun. Minh’s Diamondback caught my eye as he was the only other fella on this ride with a SS set up.

Shot with Canon ELAN 7E / 50mm f/1.8 / Kodak TriX 400imageimageimage

35mm Beachin’ Vibes

imageFilm will never get old, just like the beach. Florida’s Santa Rosa Beach will keep me coming back year after year. Gotta relax sometime.

Shot with Olympus Stylus Epic / Fujifilm Superia 200


imageSo completely stoked to present these!!

Pumped to present our second kit created since 2011. Our pals at Escadrille will be producing them out of Chattanooga, TN with a 6 week turn around. The pre-order will be very quick, ending May 8th.

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Matt Reyes x Mission Crit 3

MissionCrit3_JasonSellersPhoto2016_MASHSF_MattReyes_CrossWalk2Absolutely in love with this shot. Reyes breaking boundaries and doing it his way. Into this.

“This is the first time I’ve done anything like this and I’m pretty sure I was the only person who didn’t wear a skin suit or ride clipped in.” – Matt

Head over to Wheel Talk Fixed and check out more words and shots by Jason Sellers. Jason KILLED capturing this crit and will do so again in a few more days via NYC x Red Hook.MissionCrit3_JasonSellersPhoto2016_MASHSF_MattReyes_SlackJawNoHandedWheelie