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Ghost Reconnaissance

I’ve done no research but I can guess that I’m not the first person to digitally enhance a film captured image. This isn’t something I particularly enjoy doing but when a camera mishap takes place and the beautiful color rendition of VSCO enhances my visual experience of an image that brings a smile to my face it’s hard to justify not taking the next step.

I shot this on a Rollei 35 S. I’ve never had a result like this with the Rollei; even at very low shutter speeds, which in my mind, makes this photograph special and should be viewed as such.

The ghosts of cyclings past presented themselves. We high-fived. I smiled.


Spring Dreamin’


Oh man… I can’t wait! Lately I’ve been a weekend warrior at best due to many reasons; but one of those reason will soon be eliminated. That being; dark, cold, wet winter. In 3 weeks Spring will officially be sprung. The days will get longer and the weather a bit warmer. I’m looking forward to getting back out there and enjoying it throughout the busy week as well as the relaxing weekends.


Speedvagen 2016 Road Guidebook

GhostYup… I’m drooling over these road riding beauties. One day… I will ride these wild rides into the sun.

2016 Guidebook

2016 Guidebook Info:

Speedvagen is proud to present the 2016 Road Guide Book highlighting our new road models and unveiling the 2016 color options. ​For over 15 years, The Vanilla Workshop has manufactured purpose driven race machines for customers looking for a bike that is different than anything else on the market. All frames are designed, built, and painted in house in Portland, Oregon. Working directly with every customer allows The Vanilla Workshop to fine tune each frame, stripping away what is not needed and re-imagining what is left. Wait time for a Speedvagen is as little as 8 weeks depending on custom options. Every 2016 Road Dis​c​ model features our reengineered Berzerker dropouts, designed specifically to mount the disc caliper on the underside of the seat stay. This unique mounting not only looks cleaner​ and is super light,​ but also transmits braking stress into the ​frame and away from the dropout itself​. Rim brake options are still available as well. The devil is in the details, using stainless steel in high wear areas or the custom tubing shaped by hand for each customer based on fit.

All 2016 Road frames come in several paint and graphic schemes ensuring your bike looks as good as it rides. Our 3D “Ghost” graphic as well as the new “HollaText” and “Surprise Me!” schemes will ​be very popular this year, in addition to several new colors. As with everything else, our paint is designed and executed in house allowing full control over ​the process and equally important, the ability to push limits. In addition to stock features, custom upgrades are available including carbon seat tubes, ​full Di2 battery integration, and ​color integration on components .

Dedication to detail means limited availability, under 200 custom bikes will be produced in 2016, which, with a crew of 11 full timers, means that each bike is getting a ton of attention from fabrication, fitting, design and a very professional customer service experience. Learn more about 2016 Speedvagen offerings here.

Stock Frameset (frame / fork / seatpost assembly) MSRP:  From $3,450

Custom Frameset (frame / fork / seatpost assembly) MSRP: From $4,650

Go check out the Speedvagen lookbook and all the customization goodies therein.



WOODLAWN CYCLE CAFE!!! // Birmingham, AL

imageI can’t tell you how elated I am that Armand Margjeka and Kyle Campbell took the very needed step to open a cycling cafe in Woodlawn (Birmingham), Alabama. Absolutely beautiful place with a great vibe that will grow the cycling culture across the entire state in my opinion. They brew Madcap Coffee and carry some VERY rad homegrown cycling company goods from around the world; to include Strawfoot and Search and State. I could almost guarantee they’d love some Ringtail goods, but I don’t want to speak on their behalf.

So… I’ve ridden with and watch Kyle Campbell dominate around the state in several different races. He’s a super strong rider to say the least. I asked him how cycling was going lately. Kyle’s response (and I’m paraphrasing) “What cycling? My focus is making this place successful”. Then the thought hit me… homegrown is hard and will suck some life out of you. Please don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a negative statement at all; just me realizing that some of the dreams/projects I have in the back of my mind will take a level of sacrifice I should be prepared for.

With that said, Woodlawn Cycle Cafe is bad ass!! I’m in love with it. If you’re in the general area you should make the trip, go for a ride, and follow up with some food/caffeinated beverage at WCC. I promise you won’t be disappointed you did. imageimageimage

State Bicycle Co. x DKlein Made Somethin’ Cool

State_Bicycle_Co_29er_Single_Speed_MTB_STD_25YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Absolutely in LOVE with this creation from State Bicycle Co. and Dustin Klein. So simple, clean, and just plain good!!!

“Rigid mountain bike equipped with premiere components: WTB, Rockshox SRAM, Avid, Truvative & custom design by DKLEIN. Want to ride geared? Rigged with additional cable guide hardware for easy conversion.”

Go to State Bicycle Co. to check out more details on this beauty. State_Bicycle_Co_29er_Single_Speed_MTB_STD_26State_Bicycle_Co_29er_Single_Speed_MTB_STD_32State_Bicycle_Co_29er_Single_Speed_MTB_STD_21

Random Assortment of Things Seen

imageI’ve gotten in the good habit of carrying my camera with me everywhere I go. Yes, I know most do this with their simple cell phones, but I’ve challenged myself to carry my Fujifilm X-E2 (which by the way… just had a killer firmware update if you’re a Fuji person and also have an X-E2) with me everywhere I go. Although the X-E2 is very small especially when paired with the 27mm 2.8; to be honest (TBH), it’s a little annoying. The upside and why I keep pushing past the small annoyance it may bring me is; when I see it I have an in-depth tool to capture it and that makes it totally worth it.

Here are a few random shots from the weekend riding and exploring.imageimageimageimageimageimage