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Bandito South Side Ride

It’s time to do this!!! Starting tonight, and every Thursday from here on out, I am participating in a night ride starting at Blevins Bicycle Company. It’s put on by Matt Blevins and will be a fun 5-10 mile ride ending at Bandito for food and drink!! Bandito South Side has free live music every night and Tess, the owner, is always welcoming with a glass of your favorite beer when you hit the bar. The mentality Blevins Bicycle Co. brings to the table is fun, safe, and welcoming. All bike shops and level of riders are always welcome.


Prolly Is Not Probably

If you haven’t checked out  then you are missing out!  John Prolly (follow on twitter and instagram @JohnProlly) captures a world of creativity from fixed gears to photography to promoting some bad ass bike company’s.  There is never a dule moment.  The site is updated several times a day with good video and photos and plenty of links to sick company’s.  is based out of Austin, TX but spreads bike love to the world.  Keep it up John!!  

Here is one of the blogs Prolly promotes FLYRS

 [vimeo w=400&h=225]

Quick Weekend (KLIFGT) from FLYRS on Vimeo.

Big PR Week

This past weeks weather was great! I got to ride a good bit and had Friday off due to Veterans Day (which I just so happen to be one). I really wanted to get a good amount of miles in this week. Friday was the most I could ride in one day. I made a couple fun stops along the way that took up a decent amount of time or else I think I would grabbed over 40 miles!! Right now my short term goal is to ride 40 miles straight. I believe it will be reality soon enough. I also got my Thomson stem put on this week that makes my Surly Cross Check look even sweeter thanks to Blevins Bicycle Co.

Miles rode/Calories burned:
Miles: 86.55
Calories Burned: 4,974


Lighter, Stronger, Faster

As I continue to learn more about cycling I’m realizing how in-depth this sport is. Knowledge, nutrition and patience is what it’s going to take me to excel. Most of the time a cyclist looks like your everyday joe shmoe until they get on a bike and ride for 4+ hours averaging 20+ mph!! It baffles me how they have gotten to this point and make it look effortless. It’s very inspiring! Through the knowledge and experience of some local cyclists I will start setting and breaking goals. For the time being I’m putting in hours whenever I can throughout the week.

Miles/Calories for last week:
Miles: 62.54
Calories: 3,141


Weather Change

After last week I got pretty sick with what everybody’s been getting. My face won’t quit leaking. I had a pretty low mileage week because of it. I’m gaining my strength back now and ready to ride in this beautiful weather. I’ve been working part time at Blevin’s Bicycle Company helping get his business up and running. I live about 14 miles from his location so it proves to be a good commute on the Surly during the week. As I become a stronger rider I’m sure this will feel like chump change.

I’m now starting I focus on diet to drop weight while retaining strength and recovery. Each sport is a little bit different than the other to achieve this. Luckily I have some really good riders that come into the shop to help me with this. As it gets colder I’ll start to use a roller trainer to keep in shape to prepare for the spring. I still have not picked a race I want to attend. I’m sure I need to do this sooner than later. If you have any suggestions for the South East area let me know.

Miles: 53.16
Calories: 2681



Got my Surly Cross Check this week in Robins Egg Blue. I ended up decking it out in primarily SRAM Red components with Paul Cantilever brakes. My good friend Matt Blevins built up a sweet 1250g all alloy wheelset consisting of Stan’s rims, White Industries Hubs, and Sapim Cx-Rays spokes. They are a thing of beauty.

I took the bike out this week for a lot more riding than I’m used too. It was a blast. I’ve yet to get fit on it, this will happen soon. It looks like I’m almost 2x faster than on the rigid single speed 29er. I know…. It’s pretty obvious why, but I didn’t think I would be that much faster. The bike weighs in at around the 19lbs range with a steel frame and fork. Very impressive build performed at BlevinsBicycleCo..

I would like to compete this spring in a very low level race. I’ll do light strength training this winter and utilize a trainer.

Total for last week:
Miles: 76.6
Calories Burned: 3817