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Mondo Music Mondays – Foo Fighters

Artist: Foo Fighters
Album: Foo Fighters
Favorite Tracks: This Is A Call, Good Grief, Exhausted

foo fighters

Kicking it old school today with one of the very first alternative albums I ever owned. If you grew up in the early nineties, like we did, then you’ll probably find this album somewhat nostalgic. The thing I didn’t realize back then was that Dave Grohl actually recorded this album entirely by himself. What a bad ass! So if you’re in the mood for something a little rough around the edges and full of ass-kicking rock, then we highly recommend this album.

I can remember seeing the Foo Fighters live in concert and crowd surfing for the very first time. I can remember buying a huge wall poster of this album cover and hanging it above my bed. Something about the simplicity and mystery of the cover really drew me in to listening to them.

Check out this great post over on Sleevage about backstory on this album cover.

Mondo Music Mondays

Featured Artist: Jim Guthrie
Album Title: Takes Time
Favorite Tracks: Difference a Day Makes, Don’t Be Torn


I just discovered Mr. Guthrie this past week thanks to Rdio. His new album “Takes Time” is a wonderful collection of chill sounds that will take the edge off any stressful day. I’ve found it plays best with the windows down and the bass bumping. But it’s also pleasing in my headphones while I’m getting work done. This album reminds me somewhere between the sounds of The Polyphonic Spree and a garage band.

You can check out for more info and his other musical endeavors.