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PUMP: Summer Time Vibes


HA!!  I was searching for some product info in one of my folders and forgot I tucked this radness away!  Such a great reminder of summer vibes with Jesse Carmody‘s PUMP, cold and at the ready!  Jesse was kind enough to 007 some my way in BAMA last summer. So refreshing. Cheers

FOLLY Got Rad In 2012

KSteed x MPitt

Photo by Amanda Steed

Oh man… were to begin.  This marks our first year of spreading the Ride x Create vibe to you fine folks, and I must say… it’s been mondo!!  Transitioning from a simple publication to creating products and making new friends around the world… my heart is full.  When people ask how we are doing as a “business” my response is, “If all we accomplish with this venture is inspiring folks and making rad friendships… that’s enough.”  Sure we have aspirations to grow into something more, but the underlying idea is that listed above.  Consistent and progressive is our business motto, Ride x Create is the vibe we exude.

I hope all your new years are full of great and creative ventures.  Much love to all of you who supported us in 2012!  There is most definitely more to come!  Cheers!! Ride x Create Folly Friends.

PUMP Kit Review

BOOYA!!  So pumped and sad all at the same time.  Mr. Jesse Carmody was kind enough to add this rad medium kit in with the PUMP 100% cold-brewed coffee he is supporting the Lucky Cat IV alleycat with.  The sad part is, ENDO Customs cut their kits tight.  I tried on the jersey and gave it a few minutes wearing it around; apparently my neck and back are too thick x wide.  So, sadly, I will be sending this back to JCarmody; but not till I captured some photos for your visual pleasure. 

Ultimately I would have liked to take a few shots of this being warn, but I’ll take what I can get.  I really dig the clean and simple design of the jersey.  For those of us that rock kits, we know that some designs can go nuts.   

The mondo PUMP logo shown as being nicely tucked away in the middle pocket is perfect! It adds that little extra something the dude you crush on the road/trails will remember.

CA is so appropriately placed on the sleeve, as every ounce of the PUMP vibe as well as ENDO, are home grown in California.

The bib-shorts are super high quality!  I wear a Hincapie kit normally (trying to get into something more gnarly, so bummed this is going back) and the ENDO’s chamois blows theirs out of the water. 

I’m very impressed with ENDO Customs.  I’ve seen a good bit of solid company’s use them, and rightfully so… they are top notch.  One thing to keep in mind if you pick up an ENDO kit, they do run a bit tight.  To compare, my Hincapie kit is a medium and it’s getting a bit baggy (woo to losing a few pounds).  The ENDO medium kit is a bit uncomfortably snug.  So, when you buy one of these, if you have the opportunity, try it on or preplan and pick up a size bigger.

If you’re asking why I don’t just exchange the medium for a large, the answer is, Mr. Carmody has sold out of the large.  What I personally would like to see happen is someone locally here in BAMA pick up the kit, so I could atleast live vicariously/jealously through them.  If you are in the market for a super custom kit and wear a slim fitting medium, let me know (   

I hope all of your Halloween’s are mondo with epic amounts of candy eatin x miles dominated.  Ride x Create

Cadence Quality

A couple weeks ago Cadence put on a rad sale of some of their apparel.  I’d been eyeballing the Conzelman since it dropped last fall but didn’t need a jacket at the time.  Once I saw the massive discount, and with Fall weather creeping in, it was a no brainer.

This mondo 5 pocket, cycling purposed, micro loft jacket will keep you warm, dry and protected from the wind in signature Cadence style!   

The hand crafted detail in this jacket is something that you will value with any Cadence product you pick up.  The rip stop type nylon used is something I highly value.  It will help keep this piece of apparel together during whatever Ride x Create venture I partake in.   

The day after I received the Conzelman I headed out to Arkansas to chill with my good buddies Kyle Steed x Brenton Little for a weekend of nature and camping.  Rain, wind and cold had nothing on the Conzelman as it defeated all of the elements

Although this review is a bit late (and the Conzelman is sold out), I wanted to bring to your attention the quality of products from Cadence.  No matter what product you pick up from the collection, it will always keep you clothed in style without lacking any function.

I hope your weekends were creative and productive, filled with Ride x Create vibes.  Take advantage of the season with some campfire action and cross riding shenanigans.

The Chrome District

Our relationship with Chrome bags here at Folly HQ is one of great importance. Even before they started sending us their new line of bags to test and review, we were already sold on their quality and style. I remember visiting the Chrome store in SF earlier this year and was so happy to see how their brick and mortar store totally resonates with what they’re doing online. Everything is designed with intentionality and durability, not to mention with great style and finesse.

So when we got word from Chrome about them wanting us to review their new line of bags, well you could imagine how awesome that was. We aren’t even a year old yet but the fact that Chrome sees us and trusts us to deliver an excellent review is nothing short of significant. So without further ado here is my review on the new Chrome district bag. Enjoy!

Folly reviews the Chrome District

First impressions

Upon first sight the Chrome District is nothing short of sleek. The smooth lines and simple shape of the bag give me a major bag boner. And just like it’s brother, the Chrome Delta, this looks to be cut from the same Darth Vader cloth. It’s the blackest of blacks, but you can pick it up in Berline Blue and Woodland as well.

The simple rolltop construction is a perfect fit for this bag. It doesn’t impose itself on you, but fits naturally within your day to day life. You can pack it up and go with comfort knowing even if you get caught in a downpour your goods are well protected. That’s important when you carry such valuable goods like we do here at Folly.

But I think what really sets this bag apart for me is the way it fits on your back. The shoulder strap design makes for a completely comfortable haul. Whether you’re just grabbing it to go to the store or you’re packing it up for a long weekend, it’s going to be a comfortable ride. The sternum strap is always an added bonus as well.

Test Ride

When you live in Texas in the middle of summer you really only have two questions to ask yourself; Do I want to sweat in the morning or in the evening? Either way you’re going to face some serious heat. Lucky for me, this morning was only in the low 80’s for a quick ride to the store. I downed my first cup of coffee and set out on the road. Packing the bare essentials made the trip to the store light and easy. The bag fit like a glove to my back and didn’t slow me down at all.

1 carton of soy milk, a 6-pack of Modelo Especial (the official beer of Folly), and two bananas later my bag was packed and ready to go. The storage capacity of the Chrome District is nothing short of surprising. It may look like it won’t hold a lot, but its got plenty of room for you. The ride home, with the bag fully packed, was still easy. The only suggestion I would make for anyone carrying beer is to make a homemade padded insert for the bag. The cans kept digging in to my back and since the bag itself doesn’t have any padding built in, it made for an uncomfortable situation. It’s a minor detail, but one that I won’t overlook next time. However, I was happy to see my bananas survived the ride home without being bruised or totally destroyed.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a bag that fits well and has the style to match, then the Chrome District is what you’ve been waiting for. It doesn’t require the flash and bling of other bags to make it stand out. It’s the little things that matter. And in this case the subtleties are what make all the difference. Plus, you know since it has the Chrome seal of approval on it this bag will last you for years to come.

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