Photo by Brenton Little

Photo by Brenton Little

Folly started in 2011 from the creative aspirations of Kyle Steed and Matt Pittman. There is a certain level of creativity that comes out of each and everyone of us when we ride! It’s the drug that drives us to do more, create more, and ride more!  Thank you for your support!

Matt Pittman

Growing up in Tampa, Matt formed a great appreciation for all things outdoors and creative. He’s done everything from climbing, to cycling to skating. But his passion to pursue life in a creative manner is what drives him onward. His abilities to overcome his circumstances and rise above the norm is what makes him a strong leader here at Folly.

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Kyle Steed

Drawing for as long as he can remember, Kyle has always been the creative type. From architecture, to photography, to the web, there isn’t much Kyle hasn’t had experience in. More recently Kyle has returned to his roots of drawing and found a unique way to infuse his hand-drawn style with the web. His skill set and design experience is what keeps Folly looking so fresh and so clean clean.

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Thank you for your support!

Feel free to contact us . We would love to hear from you and the projects you have in mind. Just think of us as the free range chickens in the creative community. Cheers!