OH MAN!!! Yesterday was a pretty significant day! First sanctioned cyclocross race brought to North Alabama right down the street from mi casa. Local University (University of Alabama in Huntsville) and Blevins Bicycle Co. hosted one hell of a great race that I hope is the start of MANY local races to come.

The course was really fast with a great layout of technical turns and stairs that require you to mount at the top of a tight steep corner that begs for you to screw up. And that I did! First lap! I was feeling strong even after the previous days 70 mile training session with Das German. All was going as planned until that damn corner where I slipped right off my saddle and preceded to ski down the embankment allowing about 10 racers to pass. And that was the end for me. I still fought to get back in it but the gap was too wide. With that said I had a great time and am really amped CX is making its way into my neck of the woods.