imageSo… lets start with some simple facts contrasting Portland, OR to Loganville, GA… the southeast is humid, southerners want to kill you, and there are a lot of rolling hills. K, now that that’s out of the way I want to express just how cool it was to meet up with Jake in my neck of the woods. Normally it’s me traveling out to high-five internet friendships turned to real life homies. Jake’s visit to the southeast was refreshing for me and eye opening for him on just how different the southeast can be from the Pacific North West.

Fellow southern cyclists know all too well that summer heat hasn’t really even begun yet. Yesterdays ride was in the high 70’s / low 80’s with a cool breeze; well, I thought it was a cool breeze. One mans cool breeze can be another mans “hot breath” winds. “It feels like a person with hot breath is breathing on me.” Jake said after I casually state how good the breeze felt.

Neither Jake or I knew the area of Loganville, GA so we did our best eyeballing what appeared to be safe roads; we were unsuccessful. Definitely one of the more treacherous rides I’ve done in a while. Fortunately we didn’t have any close calls. Actually everyone that passed us gave us more than enough room, they just passed us blazing fast and revving their engines. Primarily large truck owners attempting to blow as much exhaust smoke in our face as possible. The craziest thing I’ve seen in my years of riding was a car slowly pass us by, put their car into neutral, and revved their little engine as much as they could ALL while behind a cop car traveling the same speed. The cop did nothing. I shook my head and was that much more thankful that I was raised right.

I wish Jake and I had more time to ride, high-five over coffee, and take photos around beautiful areas the southeast has to offer; but our time was limited and we made the best of it. Also… I couldn’t be more pumped on Jake’s new Wolf’s Mouth kits. If you’re interested in picking one of those up, do so this week as it’s the last week for the pre-order.

Go to The Wolf’s Mouth Cycling for more fun info and all around good cycling imagery capturing by Jake with a look into the Portland, OR race scene and all around good times.

It was great riding with you Jake!