Levi’s x VSCO Commuter round two complete!  I chose to shoot at Blevins Bicycle Co. and did my best to capture his shop in all of its WWII quonset hut glory!


Commuter R2

Although this has nothing to do with the commuter collabo, it’s still using LV1, it was taken during this sesh, and I’m wearing Levi’s… that counts right?

Commuter R2 1

Davis looking ever so poised.


Commuter R2 2

I hope you enjoyed!

Stay tuned FOLLY folks! I’m VERY excited for Levi’s x VSCO Commuter Round ThreeThe Final Commute! It will feature the one and only Kyle Steed!  We will be spending 5 days on the sunny beaches of Seaside, FL! Beers in hand, bikes/boards at the ready!  Good times will be had!