Music will make a lonely partnerless ride way better.  100% of the time it pumps me up to ride harder 60% of the time….. Anyways, Rdio is an amazing app that will work on most smart phones.  I personally have an iPhone and it works great.  It’s $10 a month, a little steep for an app but it lets you link your entire iTunes library to the phone without bogging down your phones hard drive.  You can also listen to anyone you want anytime you want.  Click on THIS to learn more.


Empire DVD is Finally Here

I remember when I first got wind of Empire and the DVD they were putting together.  I was excited and pissed that I didn’t know when they were gonna crank it out.  Now they have, I pre-ordered immediately.  Check them out HERE for your pre-order purchase.  The price has been dropped for a week of pre-orders.  Grab’em up!!  

1000+ Climb

Yesterday I hit up my first real back country road ride.  Timo Stark (AKA The German)  invited me out on one of his leisurely paced rides (also first ride in my Hincapie bib shorts… BOMB).  It was awesome!  He cruised along as I gave it my best.  All in all it wasn’t that bad of a ride…. untill we hit the 1000+ foot climb at the end.  I started strong and gave it hell, then slowly turned into a wimpering little girly man!!  Looking forward to fighting that climb again soon.  I ended up riding further than I every had before at about a mile and a half faster average speed than I would have if I was by myself.  This is another great example that you are only going to be as good as the people you ride with.  Moral of this long winded post… Ride hard with people that are better than you and avoid wimpering.

Art work provided by Kyle Steed


Just picked up some Power, Hincapie Bib shorts.  These suckers are amazing.  Very comfortable and keep the boys pleasantly positioned for 4+ hours of riding.  I picked them up at Blevins Bicycle Co.  Blevins Bicycle Co. is an official Hincapie dealer and will pretty much go out of their way to get you what you want.


Mash is a bad ass company out of San Francisco.  They bring magazines, photosets, and Mash TV via Vimeo to the table as well a full store of awesome products.  Check’em out!!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/28903697]