Sweet Fixies

Had a fun ride last night, as I’m sure you have already read about. Here are two sweet fixed gears two of the riders showed up on



Oregon Manifest

This blows me away!!  What creativity.  This is one of the primary reasons I got into cycling.  Ride, drink, create, repeat.  I love it, would love to attend next year.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/32176853]

Ride or Die

So tonight is the inaugural Bandito South Side ride and we have already had 2 near deaths, several calls to the police and one crash that destroyed a brand new light… With that said…. It’s been an AWESOME night!!!



Niner created the best stem top cap in the world!! YAWYD (you are what you drink) caps let the world know what your favorite beer is the day, week, month, etc. I have one on my Surly and always will on whatever bike I’m riding. Unfortunately Niner rarely has them in stock due to high demand. Blevins Bicycle Co. has 2 in stock that I know of. Grab’em up!!


Bandito South Side Ride

It’s time to do this!!! Starting tonight, and every Thursday from here on out, I am participating in a night ride starting at Blevins Bicycle Company. It’s put on by Matt Blevins and will be a fun 5-10 mile ride ending at Bandito for food and drink!! Bandito South Side has free live music every night and Tess, the owner, is always welcoming with a glass of your favorite beer when you hit the bar. The mentality Blevins Bicycle Co. brings to the table is fun, safe, and welcoming. All bike shops and level of riders are always welcome.


Prolly Is Not Probably

If you haven’t checked out Prollyisnotprobably.com  then you are missing out!  John Prolly (follow on twitter and instagram @JohnProlly) captures a world of creativity from fixed gears to photography to promoting some bad ass bike company’s.  There is never a dule moment.  The site is updated several times a day with good video and photos and plenty of links to sick company’s.  Prollyisnotprobably.com  is based out of Austin, TX but spreads bike love to the world.  Keep it up John!!  

Here is one of the blogs Prolly promotes FLYRS

 [vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/32173024 w=400&h=225]

Quick Weekend (KLIFGT) from FLYRS on Vimeo.