Ride Recap with Chris Tavel

imageIt’s always a blast to catch up with Chris and the Loose Nuts Cycles crew. Chris was kind enough to show me around Atlanta, GA and was more than hospitable letting me crash at his casa after a night filled with good times.

Thanks for everything Chris!! Catch you next time!

Georgia Ride Recap with Jake Tong

imageSo… lets start with some simple facts contrasting Portland, OR to Loganville, GA… the southeast is humid, southerners want to kill you, and there are a lot of rolling hills. K, now that that’s out of the way I want to express just how cool it was to meet up with Jake in my neck of the woods. Normally it’s me traveling out to high-five internet friendships turned to real life homies. Jake’s visit to the southeast was refreshing for me and eye opening for him on just how different the southeast can be from the Pacific North West.

Fellow southern cyclists know all too well that summer heat hasn’t really even begun yet. Yesterdays ride was in the high 70’s / low 80’s with a cool breeze; well, I thought it was a cool breeze. One mans cool breeze can be another mans “hot breath” winds. “It feels like a person with hot breath is breathing on me.” Jake said after I casually state how good the breeze felt.

Neither Jake or I knew the area of Loganville, GA so we did our best eyeballing what appeared to be safe roads; we were unsuccessful. Definitely one of the more treacherous rides I’ve done in a while. Fortunately we didn’t have any close calls. Actually everyone that passed us gave us more than enough room, they just passed us blazing fast and revving their engines. Primarily large truck owners attempting to blow as much exhaust smoke in our face as possible. The craziest thing I’ve seen in my years of riding was a car slowly pass us by, put their car into neutral, and revved their little engine as much as they could ALL while behind a cop car traveling the same speed. The cop did nothing. I shook my head and was that much more thankful that I was raised right.

I wish Jake and I had more time to ride, high-five over coffee, and take photos around beautiful areas the southeast has to offer; but our time was limited and we made the best of it. Also… I couldn’t be more pumped on Jake’s new Wolf’s Mouth kits. If you’re interested in picking one of those up, do so this week as it’s the last week for the pre-order.

Go to The Wolf’s Mouth Cycling for more fun info and all around good cycling imagery capturing by Jake with a look into the Portland, OR race scene and all around good times.

It was great riding with you Jake!


Blackburn Design Makes Great Things

imageBlackburn Design, making everyday tools for the everyday rider.

Loving the Wayside CO2 Inflator. An easy decision to pick up. As far as CO2 inflators go… this one gets the award for best looking. It’s CNC alloy construction and simple, proven spring loaded valve design that accommodates both Presta & Schrader valves is easy on the eyes and the wallet.

Bottle cages are always a tough purchase for me. Obviously I LOVE Stainless Steel (like the Blackburn Chicane’s I currently have on my road ripper) and drool over anything Titanium, but the price point can get up there pretty quick. I needed something not so fancy for my mountain and touring bicycles but still added style points without jacking up my water bottles. Low and behold… Blackburn had me covered yet again. Their Comp Aluminum Bottle Cage is only 6 grams heavier than the Stainless Chicane Cages (if you even care about that, which I don’t, but made me wonder why I bought the stainless version, OH that’s right… because they look bad ass) and $10 cheaper!! Easy. Purchase!! I love them for multiple reasons, but what stuck out the most is the fact that they don’t have Blackburn’s logo blasted on them like many of the other comparable price point cages out there, keeping my bicycles “clean” and simple look in tact.

I hope you dig these simple products as much as I do. Blackburn Design has been my one stop shop for the last several years. Pumped on’em.

New Direction

imagePhotograph by Nathan Michael

What’s up FOLLY folks!? It’s that magical time in my life where I take the consistent and progressive vibe we’ve been spreading year after year and challenge myself to dive deep into the art that is photography. To be completely honest with you, I’ve become comfortable in my day to day capturing’s therefore lacking the drive to push my personal limits and progress through trial and fire.

I’m just not satisfied with where I’m at.

I’m taking a step back to explore and redefine my process outside of the bicycle bubble that is FOLLY. Storytelling, ride recaps, product reviews, and general shrednanigans will still be captured here as well as on @createfolly via Instagram, but I want to rethink how I shoot under a completely different umbrella as myself, with no agenda for or against products and bicycle life.

I hope you’ll follow along:

Site: matt-pittman.com

Instagram: @matttpittman


Monochromatic Florida Trails

imageRiding and capturing Adam McAnulty ripping and Minh’s Diamondback SS while we took a quick breather from the Florida sun. Minh’s Diamondback caught my eye as he was the only other fella on this ride with a SS set up.

Shot with Canon ELAN 7E / 50mm f/1.8 / Kodak TriX 400imageimageimage

35mm Beachin’ Vibes

imageFilm will never get old, just like the beach. Florida’s Santa Rosa Beach will keep me coming back year after year. Gotta relax sometime.

Shot with Olympus Stylus Epic / Fujifilm Superia 200

The Pulsar Got Squishy

Squishy PulsarIn 2004 I bought my first bicycle, a Trek 4600. A few months later I upgraded the cockpit, saddle, brakes, and eventually put a Fox Talas RLC on. My world would be changed forever. This was before phones were smart, Instagram was even a thought, and social media meant calling friends to grip and rip; so unfortunately those memories weren’t captured to be remembered for years to come… until this happened. All the memories from my ridding infancy came rushing back in.

As you may have read in posts below, I had an issue with the ridged fork that came equipped with the SS Pulsar and ended up getting upgraded to the RockShox 30 Gold TK State Bicycle Co. offers with their Deluxe SS Pulsar. State’s customer service is on point!!

Adding a 100mm of travel makes a HUGE difference! especially when your background for the last several years has been CX and Road. It reminded me of that first ride I took on the Trek 4600 all those years ago, smashing through rock sections and climbing like a goat. Speaking of climbing… I’ve ridden plenty of mountain bikes in the last 12 years but only rode hardtail on the very first mountain bike I owned. This has been the dumbest decision I’ve made on two wheels. I enjoy full suspension fine, but the control I have on a hardtail doesn’t even compare. Sure it’s a little more jarring, but that’s when the years of cyclocross knowledge kicks in.

  • But Matt, the Pulsar is Single Speed (SS) right?
    • Yes, this set up is, but you can order it geared if you’d like. If you want to add gearing later down the trail, the SS option comes with a derailleur hanger and is easily upgradable.
  • So how’s the SS gear ratio on the mountain?
    • Freaking great!  I recently discussed how it was way too easy on flat single-track when I rode with Team Loblolly out of Panama City, FL. Once I took it on the rocky trails of Monte Sano Mountain, North Alabama; the 32 x 18 killed it!!!
  • What would you recommend for a first time mountain bike purchaser?
    • It really depends on your riding history and/or style of riding desired.
      • CX: I LOVED the ridged set up to handle something a bit more aggressive than your normal gravel road. The full ridged offered enough cushion with the larger tires and steel frame construction to soak up larger tree roots/rocks.
      • TRAIL: The first rock section I bombed down sealed the deal for me. IN. LOVE! with smashing up and down the mountain, not even thinking of large obstacle in the trail. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the SS gearing and 100mm of travel the Deluxe SS Pulsar offers.

I hope you enjoyed my take on the State Bicycle Co. SS Deluxe Pulsar. This set up has made me fall in love with the mountain again and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Follow along on our Instagram for ride recaps and day-to-day use of the Pulsar. Cheers!



imageSo completely stoked to present these!!

Pumped to present our second kit created since 2011. Our pals at Escadrille will be producing them out of Chattanooga, TN with a 6 week turn around. The pre-order will be very quick, ending May 8th.

For fit make sure to check out Escadrille.cc . If you need a different size Jersey vs. Bib or vice versa shoot me an email (createfolly@gmail.com).

I’ve also set up to have just the jersey for pre-order if you would prefer.

I hope you enjoy as much as I do. Go to our online shop for pre-order. $235 for the kit, FREE U.S. shipping. Can’t wait to get these in and on the road. Cheers!!