So, if you didn’t know, I’m kinda into knives. Not in a weird “lets go on QVC and buy 100 knives for $19.99 but act now and we’ll double it” kind of way; more so on a handcrafted utility cutters from small business artisans… level, if that makes sense.

My Dad introduced me to the love of knives when I was young. To find out about a pal in Atlanta, GA starting is own handmade knife company with skills passed down from his father, it was a no brainer to pick one up as a solid piece that will be used day in day out and passed down to my son one day.

Sincerely In love with your work Mike!!! Although this is a little bit bigger for a daily carry, I wanted something larger to take on my 30 day trek across Romania in the coming month. I can see where I’ll be emailing you soon for something a little smaller. Until then, I’ll do my best not to gloat on how bad ass this knife is.

Go check out more on Elder’s Knifeworks IG page. So many beautiful knives for your purchasing pleasure!