Absolutely the. best!! I mean… seriously. So… I could go into why this set up is the most baller set up in all the land but just know that I have never been more amped about a bag like I am with the Hinterland Jr. Ranger Panniers. With their addition to the Joshua Bryant custom FaTRoB I truly have my version of a dream bike built up.

The Hinterland Jr. Ranger Panniers are made with some pretty killer fabric called X-Pac™ “It is a 4 layer laminate that is extremely tough, very waterproof material that is the favorite material for high performance backpacks and gear bags”. Perfect for getting out there without worrying about your gear getting jacked in the elements. Now, I’ve only taken the Jr. Ranger’s out for a simple local exploration session and they rode solid and quiet; creating no issues whatsoever with handling even packed with Kammok, camp coffee gear, food, and 12 cans of excellence. I’m really looking forward to getting out of town fully packed up and seeing how they handle. I’m assuming I will only be more elated.

Here’s a few shots from my simple ride. I’m looking forward to using/documenting trips with these beautiful black panniers. With that said… keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be adding and reviewing the Hinterland Ozette Randonneur Bag soon. At that point the Death Star will be fully operational!!! In the meantime, go to Swift Industries and check out their other Hinterland Collection goodies. I promise you will not be disappointed that you did.