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New Direction

imagePhotograph by Nathan Michael

What’s up FOLLY folks!? It’s that magical time in my life where I take the consistent and progressive vibe we’ve been spreading year after year and challenge myself to dive deep into the art that is photography. To be completely honest with you, I’ve become comfortable in my day to day capturing’s therefore lacking the drive to push my personal limits and progress through trial and fire.

I’m just not satisfied with where I’m at.

I’m taking a step back to explore and redefine my process outside of the bicycle bubble that is FOLLY. Storytelling, ride recaps, product reviews, and general shrednanigans will still be captured here as well as on @createfolly via Instagram, but I want to rethink how I shoot under a completely different umbrella as myself, with no agenda for or against products and bicycle life.

I hope you’ll follow along:


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Film // Starting At The Bottom

BigBlue Railroad DitchI’m on my 3rd roll of film and I think I’m starting to get the hang of how this low end Vivitar PS:30 works best as well as film in general. To date all photos posted have been with and iPhone. I wanted to expand my knowledge of photo taking so I figured “why not start at the bottom and work up”. The Vivitar PS:30 has allowed me to do just that.

OH… what’s that? You want to know what my dream point x shoot camera is? That would be a Yashica T4 as it should be. Just go check out TytaniumLife and The Athletic.

I hope you enjoy the photos below. They are from several different events.

Sunset ride turned to booze cruise:

Davis SunsetZoomBooze RideRecord Store Day 2014:Record Store Day 2014Record Store Day 2014 1Park Thrashery:BMX Jam 2014Connor WarhurstBMX Jam 2014 1

Matt Reyes // 35mm Wallride


Photo by The Turf Mob


“There’s few things more rewarding than shooing action shots on film. It’s a fingers crossed kind of business where knowledge of your craft makes all the difference.” – WHEELTALK

This gets me amped on several levels! Go to Wheel Talk and check out their third installment of “Sundaze” with Turf Bikes. SO GOOD!