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Blevins Bicycle Co. CX Training

Like… you could go set up “training” barriers or pretend that jumping on and off your saddle dosen’t rack your nuts or lady parts time and time again… or you could go huck off at the skatepark. Either way you’re skills will improve. The only thing that will change is the level of fun you’ll have. Brice and Brandon of the Blevins Bicycle Co. CX team know what I’m talking about.

All The Squish

Thank god for Blevins Bicycle Co. (BBCo)!!! My Friday didn’t originally have plans to rip around the mountain on a Cannondale Habit but when my newly acquired ridged SS with new Shimano XT brakes (installed by BBCo) fell through due to a manufacturing issue I had to switch to plan B. Luckily BBCo saw the distress on my face and provided me with a Cannondale Habit for the weekend.

I’ve never ridden a Cannondale mountain bike let alone a Lefty suspension. It was pretty awesome to say the least. It felt really natural despite its looks. Honestly… I love the uniqueness of it. I know that Lefty’s are no new thing to the MTB world… just new to me and I’m into it.

If you’re in the North Alabama area I highly recommend hitting up Blevins Bicycle Co. and checking out their Cannondale mountain rippers. Good stuff all around!

Matt Blevins All American Squid

Well… like, 98% American. Sometimes you work with what you’ve got; thus encompassing Squid Bikes intention, I believe.

I kinda love how punk rock this is. I first got a glimpse of Squid Bikes about 2 months ago. Then to find out they paired with Gevenalle and a couple other rad homegrown folks to display their “BANANAS” CX build at NAHBS, I was pumped. To level up further, I find out that Matt (owner of Blevins Bicycle Co.) just completed his “All American” garage paint job Squid build; I txt Matt “Photos ASAP” and here we are today.

I was excited to get my hands on this build. To be honest… I’m more impressed than I thought I would be. Light, strong, solid; it just felt good. Even outside the lore of creating your own paint job for a truly aesthetically custom build, Squid Bikes can rip, I’m assuming from my first impression. Only time will tell after this summer and hearing about Matt’s experience. I’m predicting the results will be outstanding.

Follow along on @BlevinsBicycleCo and/or @SquidBikes Instagram to catch Matt’s riding review in the coming days.



OH MAN!!! Yesterday was a pretty significant day! First sanctioned cyclocross race brought to North Alabama right down the street from mi casa. Local University (University of Alabama in Huntsville) and Blevins Bicycle Co. hosted one hell of a great race that I hope is the start of MANY local races to come.

The course was really fast with a great layout of technical turns and stairs that require you to mount at the top of a tight steep corner that begs for you to screw up. And that I did! First lap! I was feeling strong even after the previous days 70 mile training session with Das German. All was going as planned until that damn corner where I slipped right off my saddle and preceded to ski down the embankment allowing about 10 racers to pass. And that was the end for me. I still fought to get back in it but the gap was too wide. With that said I had a great time and am really amped CX is making its way into my neck of the woods.

Blevins Bicycle Co. // Greasy Happy People

Photo Jun 05, 4 49 48 PMI had a blast shooting Blevins Bicycle Co. yesterday! It’s really impressive that everyone of the employees is a mechanic first and sale person second.

“But Matt… why does that matter?”

I’m glad you asked. Who better to fit you to a bicycle that will give you all the fun you expect other than someone that knows that bicycle inside and out? A mechanic would, that’s who. Now… I know what you’re thinking… “most of the mechanics I’ve seen in shops are greasy and angry looking”. Well, you got the greasy part right (you know… because they are building/working on two wheeled fun machines for your riding pleasure), but you missed the mark on angry looking.

I’ve known Matthew Blevins for a long time and if there is one thing he is, is customer friendly! That and the rest of the Blevins Bicycle Co. crew.

If you’re in the area or just passing through, definitely stop into Blevins Bicycle Co. I promise you’ll be meet with hardworking, greasy, happy people that will most likely offer you an espresso or post ride beverage of choice.


Photo Jun 05, 5 36 10 PM

I’ve Been Abducted

28570025The 2015 Cannondale SuperSix Evo is the first road bike I’ve owned. It has been absolutely mind blowing to call it my own. As you can tell, I don’t own road pedals/shoes for it yet. This problem will be solved shortly.

So… this is a race bike right? From my minimal knowledge of what a race bike is, they are supposed to be stiff, uncomfortable, and aggressive. Cannondale nailed the stiff and aggressive part (both in the best ways) but left out uncomfortable. Although my stem is set up high, so the ride should be a bit more lenient, I figured this set up would still leave me beat down after a dozen miles or so. It was quite the opposite actually. I rode further, faster, longer; with more time in the drops than expected. 28570020I’ve been riding SRAM Red for a couple years now and it has been amazing! When I found out the Hi-Mod 2 only came in Shimano Dura-Ace I hesitated for half of a second. I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed, but didn’t realized how much I was going to love Dura-Ace!

When I gripped the Dura-Ace hoods for the first time it was instant love! They are stunning, extremely well put together, and function like a freaking dream! For all that have been riding these amazing levers, you very well know what I’m talking about. For any thinking of switching over from SRAM… don’t hesitate!! Keep in mind that I love SRAM Red goodness on all levels. That should speak to my new found expressed love of Dura-Ace.    2857002328570014I hope you’ve enjoyed my short write up on this amazing blacked out UFO. It will continue to abduct me for many morning sun rises, afternoon hill climbing sessions, and evening sun sets. Big THANK YOU to Blevins Bicycle Co. for carrying rad brands like Cannondale! Thank you Matthew Blevins for building me such a great machine!

Follow along on our Instagram for pre/during/post ride shots of each one of my outings. Some are more visually pleasing than others but my hope is to encourage you fine folks to explore via two wheels as much as humanly possible.

**For a full photo recap on this beautiful machine, go to FOLLY x FILM. I hope you enjoy!


Get Yer Pugsley On!

18130008As I’m doing my best to keep calm and wait for the FOLLY x BRYANT shred sled to get finished, Matt Blevins is out thrashing on a few fresh Surly Pugsley builds he just put together. I took the opportunity to do my best at a first film product shoot. I’m ok with the outcome but looking forward to improving my film game.

181300031813000618130001181300071813000418130005These fatbikes are available for demo. If you’re in this town and want to experience some big wheeled shredding then I highly encourage you to check out Blevins Bicycle Co. to do so. Jah blessed!

Cannondale x Death Spray Custom

2014 Tour de France - Cannondale Custom Bikes

Cannondale & DSC have teamed up to create the livery of their 2014 TDF cycles. Each rider has their spirit animal adorned on their TT in a style akin to native American Haida style. Go Green.

Images by Brakethrough”

These are absolutely insane! Ever since my favorite local bicycle shop started carrying Cannondale I’ve been eyeballing all of their go fast machines. This collaboration with Death Spray Custom knocks it out of the park!! Ride x Create in its truest form!!

Go to Death Spray Custom’s blog and check out the rest of the Cannondale’s Team paint jobs. So. SOLID!

Review // Giant Bicycles Trance 27.5 3

imageimageimageI referred to the other two Giant Bicycles I’ve review as squishy speed machines. They aren’t even close to the speed and squishiness of the Trance! With 5.5 inches of travel I glided all over the mountain!

To stay fare to the Anthem 27.5 and Anthem X 29, I rode the entry level Trance to get a feel for this monster at the ground level. Pretty effing impressive.

By now you should know I’m a big advocate for the 27.5 wheel set. Best of both worlds they say… and when I pick up a BRAAPPmobile for myself, it will most definitely be one with a 27.5 set up. When you add that with a crap load of suspension… you glide over objects with a lot of speed.


FAST, lots of squish, solid entry level drivetrain.


That’s a lot of squish. This model comes with a front lockout. A rear is needed for sure. It would also be nice to have adjustable suspension (this comes in upgraded models).

I really enjoyed the Trance 27.5 3. It was the most fun bombing down the mountain. When it came to climbing, things got a bit interesting… but the intent for this model is more so for said bombing down the mountain.

If you do more down than up in your mountain thrashery… go with the Trance 27.5 3. If you have a little more funds in your wallet… go with the upgraded models, the better components will serve you well to turn this downhill monster into more of an all around mountain ripper!

Big THANKS to Blevins Bicycle Co. and Giant Bicycles for letting me run around with their fun machines. Couldn’t have asked for a better introduction back into mountain ripping.

If you’re close to Blevins Bicycle Co. or a Giant Bicycles dealer, you can go ride and develop your own opinion of the Anthem 27.5, Anthem X 29, and Trance for yourself. I hope you will. Cheers!