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Review // Giant Bicycles Anthem X 29er 3

photo 3-1photo 2-1imageimageAnother rad weekend of mountain thrashery brought to you by Blevins Bicycle Co. x Giant Bicycles. Such a great time. Mountain bikes (a.k.a. squishy speed machines, a.k.a. no limit BRAAAAPmobiles) are so effing good! They’re like… big ass cross bikes.

Being that I’m new to the mountain scene I invited Davis Yarbrough to escort me around Alabama State Park Monte Sano. So many great technical trails. We rode pretty hard for about 2 hours and only hit up 16 miles. It was so good!

Alright… on to the Giant Anthem X 29er 3 review, comparing it to the Anthem 27.5 3. Right off the bat I noticed I was riding a 29er vs. a 27.5. Very different feel in this bike model for sure. The set up on the entry level Anthem 29er model is $500 less ($1,750 vs. $2,250) than it’s entry level brother in 27.5; this made a big difference. Why Giant did this… I’m not sure. 

I gotta be honest with this one. When I first hit the trail I was not amped on the Anthem X. Comparing the 27.5 to 29 back to back… you will not enjoy the change. I was up higher on the 29 (or atleast felt like I was) with downgraded components. Really it’s like riding a totally different bike so it’s a bit hard to compare the two even though they’re in the same family. So lets not.

What I loved about the Anthem X 29er 3:

– So… FAST! The rolling momentum just kept on! I picked a line. I dominate that line! It was so rad.

– You will roll over anything… ANYTHING! Climbing/Descending… it handled both very well.

All in all… about half way into the ride I adapted to the change. It was great. Davis and I would whip around the mountain laughing all the way (not really… I was wheezing most of the time). I loved being out on a squishy speed machine thrashing new trails.

I hope you will go check out the Giant Bicycles Anthem X 29er as well as the Anthem 27.5 and develop your own opinion. They will both serve you well. My opinion for purchase… if you have an extra $500 and wanna get into a bad ass entry level full suspension mountain bike… go with the Anthem 27.5.  If you’re on a budget or a hardcore 29er fan and would rather take that extra $500 saved on the 29er vs. 27.5 to upgrade components… the Anthem X would work well for that.  Jah blessed!


All-City Cycles // Macho King Limited


Photo by Matt Blevins (Blevins Bicycle Co.)

This is so gnar!! I. LOVE. IT!!

“‘Halo Build,’ only 50 will be made. This model features a Whisky No. 9 thru-axle fork, SRAM Force 22 drivetrain, SRAM hydraulic disc brakes, Thomson cockpit, and Velocity hubs mated to NoTubes IronCross rims, target price is $3500.” – CX Mag

Go to CX Magazine for an indepth look at this machine! Nailed it All-City.


Processed with VSCOcam with b3 preset


I can’t thank everyone enough for coming out and racing Sunday! This is the first Cyclocross event we have hosted and I gotta say… you guys made it so much cooler than originally imagined.  This was a great kick off to the cross season!!  

I learned some good lessons for next year (which will most definitely go down). Like, women are way better at tracking time/laps. Men are way better at drinking beer and pointing out the same loose gravel lap after lap.

So much sponsor love!!  BIG thank you to Blevins Bicycle Co., Southern Carnage, UPNESS, Chrome Industries, and Lone Wolf Cycling! Everyone was amped on the podium prizes… thank you thank you thank you!!  

Here are the Men’s x Women’s Winners

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with s2 preset 

FollyCross Sept 2013_Page_1

FollyCross Sept 2013_Page_2

Levi’s x VSCO // #Commuter Round Two

Levi’s x VSCO Commuter round two complete!  I chose to shoot at Blevins Bicycle Co. and did my best to capture his shop in all of its WWII quonset hut glory!


Commuter R2

Although this has nothing to do with the commuter collabo, it’s still using LV1, it was taken during this sesh, and I’m wearing Levi’s… that counts right?

Commuter R2 1

Davis looking ever so poised.


Commuter R2 2

I hope you enjoyed!

Stay tuned FOLLY folks! I’m VERY excited for Levi’s x VSCO Commuter Round ThreeThe Final Commute! It will feature the one and only Kyle Steed!  We will be spending 5 days on the sunny beaches of Seaside, FL! Beers in hand, bikes/boards at the ready!  Good times will be had!