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Chris Rost Killz BMX

imageI only had a few minutes to meet up with Chris last week. To be honest, I haven’t really used my new Fujifilm X-E2 and Funijon 35mm lens to shoot any action shots yet so I was pretty amped when Chris and I’s schedules were free to meet up. I thought there was going to be a few limitation comparing the X-E2 Mirrorless to a DSLR from reading a couple reviews, but I couldn’t find any. As you can see, fast action focus is on point! But maybe I don’t have nearly the issues shooting with a slower focusing digital shooter since I transitioned from manual film shooting. Regardless of that fact, I couldn’t be more pleased with Fujifilm products. With each photo shoot I grow more in love!

Go to FOLLY x DIGITAL for more examples of what this little shooter can do! Cheers!



The Shadow Conspiracy // CLAW Gloves

Shadow Claw 2Solid gloves from The Shadow Conspiracy!

  • Lightweight strapped articulated glove shaped in a naturally curved position and eliminates wrinkles in the palm area for a direct touch with your grips
  • Synthetic leather palms, Kevlar wrist guard, terry cloth thumbs.
  • Thin touch screen compatible finger webbing
  • Shadow tag top screenprint with all over jackson palm print
  • Sizes: small, medium, large, x-large

Head over to The Shadow Conspiracy and check these out! Perfect riding gloves all around!

Shadow ClawShadow Claw 1

Make It Happen // Full Video

Make It Happen – Full Video from Make It Happen BMX on Vimeo.

‘Make It Happen’ is a global BMX project by rider Greg Illingworth, filmer Will Evans and photographer George Marshall. Over 14 months Greg travelled the globe with a hand picked group of the world’s best riders. They all shared one simple idea – explore, ride, document. Destinations: China, Argentina, South Africa Riders: Greg Illingworth, Gary Young, Tammy Mccarley, Brian Kachinsky, Ed Zunda, Josh Harrington, Kevin Kalkoff, Paul Ryan, Ben Hennon, Matt Priest, Matthias Dandois and Maxime Charveron. The Make It Happen book and video are the culmination of their travels. Book by George Marshall Film by Will Evans Project management by Greg Illingworth Logo design by Rob Loeber Make It Happen is supported by: Vans, Mongoose, Monster Energy, Snafu, The Albion and Fox.


Levi’s x VSCO // #Commuter Outtakes

imageSo here you go. I had close to a dozen other images that I edited and didn’t pick to post for my top 10 Levi’s x VSCO #Commuter images… but now I have the opportunity to show you fine folks those now. I hope you enjoy!

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageThere you go! I hope you’ll go check out our VSCO Grid properly displaying the Top 10 for the Levi’s x VSCO #Commuter collaboration. Cheers!


Levi’s x VSCO // #Commuter Round 3

Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with lv03 presetimageimageThroughout this project Chris and I got to see a lot of different environments that we wouldn’t normally look at and think… “I’ll ride that”. I’ve learned that it will always be exploration fun to ride x shoot with a BMX rider. Chris is great at what he does which made capturing him in action very easy.

This is the first time I’ve been referenced as a photographer since Kyle and I started this FOLLY shenanigans. To quote Visual Supply Co. I’m a “world-class photographer”, but to be honest… I don’t see myself in that light. Since day one back in 2011 our message has been to Ride x Create; take the simple tools you have available to you right now and create something the world has never seen. This motivational message came from deep inside and where I was at at the time. I still believe in it today and will do so for many moons to come.

Moral of the story… use what’s available to you today, get creative, accept failure, learn from it, stay consistent x progressive. This formula in conjunction with time will prove to be successful.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my top 10 Levi’s x VSCO #commuter images. They were all taken and edited with an iPhone. I hope you’ll go check out our VSCO Grid for all things Ride x Create. Cheers!

(Editor’s Note: I’ll be posting 13 Levi’s x VSCO #commuter outtakes next week. Jah blessed!)

Levi’s x VSCO // #Commuter Round 2


I had a blast shooting this spot! It’s really close by the local skate park I’ve been to a million times but never knew it existed. Chris blends in quite nicely with the environment which was a big plus on these snaps.

Thanks for following along. I hope you’re enjoying these simple iPhone photos using the new Levi’s #Commuter x VSCO LV3 Preset. The LV3 Preset just got released for a free download. Go take advantage of that! Cheers!


Levi’s x VSCO // #Commuter Round One


I’ve had the pleasure of pushing my personal limits using an iPhone and the new VSCO Levi’s preset (LV3) to shoot Chris Rost in all of his BMX radery for the Levi’s x VSCO #commuter collaboration.

Follow along this week as I continue to show how rad BMX and commuting fit together. The sky’s the limit… and I mean that literally. Enjoy!



Launch Sun ProfileLoop Pool1360 Manhole3Pool Launch1It’s amazing how much you can learn in a couple rolls of film on a new camera. Really about photography in general whether it be film or digital (not iPhone). And as always… Chris Rost is down to ride, shoot, and be patient with me as I learn new skills.

On my first roll with the Canon ELAN 7E I used a super slow shutter speed. I didn’t grasp how light worked with a slow shutter speed yet. So… this roll I used a super fast shutter speed (1/3000) even though my meter said they would be -2 stops. My thought was… “I’ll just edit them to enhance exposure”… WRONG. Little did I know that that’s not how it works.

Although I’m super amped on a few of these (way more than last roll) I learned so many great lessons for the next round. Slow the shutter, maybe change from a 400 ISO to something more specific to the environment I want to shoot, how photos will turn out with -2 stops, and I’m sure a lot more that I can’t think of right now.

With all that said… I originally started a Tumblr page to reflect on my (Matt/Personal) learning of film photography but it turns out that everything I’m shooting is jam packed with the Ride x Create vibe! So, instead of filling our site with every shot… I decided to start FOLLY x FILM, fill that with all shots I dig, and share only a select few with you here.

I hope you’ll check out FOLLY x FILM as I continue to grow in my photography skills. I can promise that I will get better with time. My hope is that the images will encourage you to learn something new, accept your suckness at first, push through your doubts, and dominate!

Stay consistent x progressive


Ride / Shred / Shoot


Shot with iPhone 5 using VSCO to edit (M6, Sharpen, Saturations, Exposure)


Shot with Canon ELAN 7E no edit (1/3000 , 4.0, ISO 400)

imageRound two getting film shots with the Canon ELAN. Although these two shots (top Chris Rost, bottom me by Chris Rost) are not film photos, it shows you the idea of what I wanted to capture yesterday. Can’t wait to see how the shots turn out (insert giddy school girl noise here).


Davis Yarbrough Captures BMX Riders

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 presetAs you have already read in a post not so far down the line… Davis and I went to a BMX Jam last weekend. I shot with my iPhone/Vivitar PS:30 (film yet developed) and Davis nabbed shots with a Pentax k1000 x ILFORD film you will see below. Pretty rad perspective.  BMX Jam1BMX Jam2BMX Jam