Riding in Bucharest, Romania is something I never thought I would say I’ve accomplished. I mean, I know a lot of other bloggers and/or cyclists travel to ride all the time, but me, not so much, well… not outside of America that is. So when I got connected through Jon Woodroof with his international cycling pals I got to meet up with Radu and cruised through the Bucharest streets.

Romania is a beautiful country no doubt and I’ve only seen a few areas in the south. I’m hoping to make it up north into the mountain during my invasion. So far I’ve seen A LOT of people touring which makes me wish I had my gear to join in on the fun. I ran into a pack of folks that were 500km into a 2000km tour. AMAZING!!!!

Anyways… here’s a few shots from my ride with Radu. Radu is a great dude with a passion for cycling that made me feel right at home. It’s amazing to me that no matter where I am in the world, there is always a new cycling pal to high-five and share stories with.

Thanks again Radu for your hospitality and loaning me one of your bicicletas yesterday. I’m hoping to make it back your way before I leave your great country.