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Cannondale x Death Spray Custom

2014 Tour de France - Cannondale Custom Bikes

Cannondale & DSC have teamed up to create the livery of their 2014 TDF cycles. Each rider has their spirit animal adorned on their TT in a style akin to native American Haida style. Go Green.

Images by Brakethrough”

These are absolutely insane! Ever since my favorite local bicycle shop started carrying Cannondale I’ve been eyeballing all of their go fast machines. This collaboration with Death Spray Custom knocks it out of the park!! Ride x Create in its truest form!!

Go to Death Spray Custom’s blog and check out the rest of the Cannondale’s Team paint jobs. So. SOLID!

Chrome Industries // New 2014 Coveted Jersey

CovetedJersey2014_Back CovetedJersey2014_Detail_1 CovetedJersey2014_Detail_3 CovetedJersey2014_Detail_9 CovetedJersey2014_Detail_11 CovetedJersey2014_Front“Chrome Industries created the Coveted Jersey to recognize the dirtbags, and working class athletes who race alleycats, sprints, fixed gear crits, subfloor circuits, and single speed races. The jersey can’t be purchased; it’s only given to champions. Have the skills reap the reward. Wear it with pride.

Each year Chrome Industries invites artists and designers we respect to create the Coveted Jersey. In 2010 Garret Chow designed the first Coveted Jersey. In 2012 James Sellman made his mark. The 2013 Jersey was designed by Sean Light.

Our 2014 Coveted Jersey was designed by Death Spray Custom. Death Spray Custom is a London based artist that works with mediums he describes as dangerous or travel fast. We’ve admired his work for a while. He’s worked with friends Adam Eldridge on a frame and Thor Drake on 21 Helmets. For our Jersey, DSC was inspired by the disruptive camouflage pattern named Dazzle that was used on ships during WW2. The jagged, mismatched shapes made it difficult for the enemy to estimate a target’s range, speed and heading. “Camo is something that as a pattern maker, I adore as a thing of beauty, from it’s natural origins to the military use.” You can see why we like him. Find out more about the Jersey on Chrome’s Blog.